Riobamba Edit Drops On Remezcla x Apple Music

I’m happy to share my first [bootleg] edit, released last week via Remezcla’s partnership with Apple Music. Check out the accompanying article that explains the track–

Moving into winter, I’ll release a string of edits I’ve had in the works to provide a glimpse, beyond the mixtape format, into the ways I’ve been experimenting during my live sets. Similar to my sets, the edits layer influences I’ve been playing with the past few years, working with registers of reggaeton, plena, dembow, aggressive club track dynamics, and concepts I’ve explored like huaynotón from my Altiplano Urbano mixtape, filtered through my own Ecuato-Lithuanian, digital diaspora lens.

I see bootleg edit production and culture as a vehicle for contributing to the movement of underrepresented producers subverting the music industry’s power structures by simply increasing own visibility, and plan to use it as a platform to collaborate and bring each other up in the process.

Photo by Brooklyn-based photographer Guarionex Rodriguez Jr. – work with him!