Latino Resiste Presents: Moomba a Pacifica (remixed by Banginclude & Barber Sonora)


Caballo, an active producer, MC, and journalist for various blogs, is the man behind Latino Resiste, a label that pushes the boundaries of “authenticity”, through the digital fusion between culture and sound. Recently, Caballo released a remix EP, remixed by Mike Hatsis aka Banginclude and Barber Sonora, that explores the fusion of Afro-Colombian rhythms coming from the Pacific area of Colombia, with Moombahton. Putting our boundaries of culture pride aside, I think it is helpful that New York based producers are showing interest in this music. A very long story, short- the pacific area of Colombia is one of the most baron areas of Colombia. It was the least desired part of Colombia, in regards to colonial settlement. The music itself was always living in the shadows of Cumbia and Vallenato, which comes from the Atlantic area of Colombia. Its great to finally see this beautiful music breaking out of its once refined boarders within Colombia.

As mentioned by Caballo via Latino Resiste:

Ironically this album is released while Colombian people celebrate their battle of independence, while the minorities are struggling to exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over their territory.

Fortunately we could capture, compile, and share the whole movement; as it needed to be exposed outside the south american paradise, so it could be redefined by NY’s Banginclude and Barber Sonora.
The album drops 6 Bangers which flirt from dancehall to dembow, heavy bass and latin moombahton, while keeping the Pacific heritage of Gualajo, chirimia, marimba, and Choco’s rawness.

Lyrically conscious and musically rebellious!! Latino Resiste supports Minorities as we are part of them!!

You can grab the EP here! or Listen to it here