I’m really hoping this is McCain’s “Macaca” moment. Interviewed and asked how many houses he owned: “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told Politico in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

Mannnnn. I can tell you exactly how much I’ve got in the bank right now (not enough), and how many houses I own: none. I also don’t have a staff to keep track of these things for me, I just remember. For someone who’s supposed to be running the country and keeping track of a lot more information than that, this is not a good look for the McCain campaign. David Gergen has been quoted again and again as saying “Obama needs a game-changer” due to the fact that he is not further ahead in the polls. This might be it.

Obama’s hitting hard on it now, something I’m happy to see since a lot of Democrats have opted not to fight dirty in these kind of fights in the past and some would argue lost because of it (Kerry’s swift boating anyone?) and I personally want a candidate that is gonna take it to the Republicans with two fists and throw mud, rocks and whatever else is handy in order to WIN. Let’s hope Obama and his surrogate’s stay on message with this one and just keep beating McCain with this right up to November. I don’t really see a lot of outs for the McCain people either, aside from attacking back, which they’re trying, using the same elitist celebrity tactics they’ve been on but I really doubt they can get much traction against this. Oh, and the number did come out, it’s not “More than four” (wtf kind of answer is that?!?!) it’s actually SEVEN, including houses on both coasts and more places in between. If you live in a swing state like Ohio, Florida or Virginia be sure to let as many people as you can know about this one.

For the two videos click through to watch the Obama commercial and remarks.

Also, while I’m talking about the election, which I’ve been following avidly, I’d just like to point out how quickly Obama’s organization has responded to this. McCain slipped up yesterday, I got this ad in an email from the campaign today. Talk about rapid response. McCain can’t rapidly respond to a question about his own financial life. If you want evidence of who will be a better head of the executive branch of our government look at how Obama is executing strategy for his campaign. A short list: A) record number of small, non-special interest donations due to excellent internet fund-raising B) volunteers on the ground in fifty states opening fights in places McCain thought he was safe and bleeding his already poorly organized resources C) the rapid and pointed response to this opportunity. Contrast this to Hillary’s campaign which was top-down, rife with infighting and only stayed afloat due to her own cash injections which she’s now taking a huge loss on and (sorry Clintonites) but you see who is ready to lead on day one.


  1. Yes, you have to give credit to the Obama camp for how quickly they respond with those ads, capitalizing on McCain’s forgetfulness. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these kind unmindful situations from the old man.

    It is true, we don’t want someone who’ll be a punching bag for GOP and their malicious attacks.

    It was McCain (to be clear, it was Clinton during the Pennsylvania and Ohio primaries–but McCain jumped at the opportunity) who started this “class warfare” by calling Obama an “elitist”, a celebrity, etc… while he jets around in a private jet to his seven homes around the country. Obama didn’t attack back quick enough so he suffered some damages in the polls.

    Calling Obama, a product of a single parent household, a man who only owns one home (that we know of) is a cheap shot… but it’s just great to see something the McCain gang initiated come back to bite them.

    How do you feel about the Biden pick?

  2. i’ve seriously been addicted to following this election. as an anarchist, it’s been hard to get excited about electoral politics, but the pragmatism of making sure mcsame does not get elected is crystal clear for me…

    on biden… sure, he sponsored the rave act. sure, he’s not perfect on net politics. sure, he’s a serious washington insider. but there are a lot of reasons the pick is great. i link to some here.

  3. this is my long version of the conundrum of anarchist perspective on obama/electoral politics. i think it;s interesting stuff for any of us radicals struggling to make a difference…

  4. James, thanks for the Iration Steppas song.

    I know there are problems that are far deeper than anything that our beloved Brother Obama can address. People living in the face of real indignity, living and working in the shadows, struggling and facing real economic consequences, barely making it from day to day, but they’re often left out off the debate because of the language they speak, immigrants (legal & illegal) from countries lacking economic clout, born Americans languishing in poverty… let’s not just talk about the sinking middle class suffering from their sub prime blues, there are other folks with real immediate problems.

    This is not just picking the less of two evils, my support of Obama. It’s emotional, yes, we can admit that… the profoundness, the significance of an African American holding the most powerful office is just overwhelming. Yes, the face of American imperialism will be Black, but we’ll take that. He’s realized something that was unthinkable, unimaginable just a few months ago.

  5. hey guys,

    Thanks for continuing without me, I was off in real life again.

    I agree that Barack is very imperfect, I think the bone he threw to the anti-immigrant people with his ‘no illegal workers taking our jobs’ and no other positive mention of immigrants legal or otherwise was a bit cowardly and not even necessarily politically expedient in his speech last night. What happened to courting the Latino vote? More like sticking a thumb in their eye.

    Besides that I thought he hit it out of the park and I loved the fact that he used this moment to punch at McCain with millions watching and the fact that he did it aggressively and confidently.

    I don’t know about you but I want to see MORE negative ads and MORE partisan attacks, because like probably most who read this blog, because I recognize that when you’re being negative about something or some one who is a fear mongering, class war promoting, inept, old and rage-prone liar than that is not negative it all. I think it’s positive.

    Fuck bi-partisanship, I don’t want my candidate reaching across the aisle to shake these people’s bloody, slime dripping hands. I want him to expose them for what they are to the American people.

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