LV & Joshua Idehen – “Melt”
from LV & Joshua Idehen‘s album Routes, an album which came out on Keysound Recordings a few months ago. I’ve listened to the album countless times, played some tracks on the radio, and at parties prior to the unrest in London. I highly recommend it. It’s an impressive, imaginative, muscular, and fun album.  On “Melt” Idehen, a Londoner of Nigerian heritage talks about growing up in London on top of a ridiculously good kwaito-informed funky jam provided by LV (very impressive vocal cut ‘n past & repeat action.) So much is said in such little time (youth, class, perseverance,…) & so much understood even when the words aren’t clear!


  1. love this album… i really like “lean back”, too… and “i know”.

    everything they’ve touched, really… i loved that first single “CCTV”.

  2. I’m with you on this one, Lamin. Great album. One of my favorites this year so far. Weirdly-it has kind of crept up on me. I just seem to find myself listening to it over and over.

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