This Friday, 8.26.11, me (Atropolis) and my DJ collective Cumba Mela (Thornato and 2melo), will be holding it down at Cielo to help support an amazing project that the Ale Ale’ community has created.  The Ale’ Ale’ community is a group of drummers, artists, and talented performers that was founded by JustinJustin Toca.  This crew has been holding down a monthly at Cielo for some time now, and they are using their event to help raise money to bring a team of Capoeira instructors to teach the children of Managua, Nicaragua the values and art form of Capoeira, dance and music.  Capoeria has been a strong force throughout the favela’s of Brasil, it has served as a pathway to give children hope; it has provided them with a way of life that inspires creativity and helps prevent these children with getting involved with violence or crime.

This Friday come and join this global celebration to help support this cause.

How to Donate

Info on the event