The DJ Debut of Talacha with a Cumbia mix, “tacos de chorizo verde con cecina sin cebolla”

Our man with the photoshop plan, Talacha, has been the eye behind the visual identity of Dutty Artz for a few years now (buy his T-Shirts here!). Not content to stick with one medium, Diego has always been lurking in the shadows behind the DJ booth, and unbeknownst to myself, picking up a thing or two from the audio-mixation world along the way!

After playing a couple of sets at our Brunch Gozón daytime party series, the world is now ready for the official recorded mix debut of DJ Talacha!

Here are a few words about the mix from the man himself:

Growing up in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato the Tuesday market is something we always looked forward to. Affordable knockoff designer clothes, bootleg movies, junk piles sprinkled with treasures from a not-so-long-ago golden-era and most importantly the food stands. Tacos, huaraches, pambazos, aguas frescas, tepache and fresh fruit with chili powder and limón(my personal favorite being tacos de chorizo verde con cecina). The element that unifies this sensory overload is the music. Various stands play loud mixes of cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and anything that is on demand at the moment, however personally the magic came when songs merge and mix on their own creating a unique experience. By using traditional and contemporary cumbia(and at times neither), I was looking to recreate that experience in this mix.

We hope you enjoy, and keep a look out for more from DJ/designer Talacha here and on his website