New Mix Alert: Talacha’s Frecuencia Sin Frontera

Talacha’s Frecuencia Sin Frontera signals a new point in the evolution of the inherently transnational cumbia genre. In the newest iteration of cumbia, it makes its way from Toy Selecta’s hip-hop insipred reworkings to crunk cumbia and now to a new corner of the DIY, Soundcloud-fueled underground with wepa, in all of its embracing of low-end, lo-fi grittiness.

Known also as San Luis Potosi’s signature música de barrio, which the mixtape intro’s creator Turbo Sonidero has dubbed as “the punk rock of cumbia,” wepa deconstructs and re-layers elements over snippets of contemporary references to hip-hop, reggaetón, and other border-blurring sounds. Talacha’s offering flips the style into the mixtape format while maintaining all of its slow-burning intensity and 92 bpm glory. Desde Oaxaca hasta Brooklyn, puros éxitos perrones.

Listen to it below: