Ripley mix for Etoro Sessions

Isa GT, longtime Dutty Artz family, has been running the Etoro Sessions series for about two years. The list of participants is long and impressive, and includes many other DA friends and colleagues, but no Dutty Artz member has made a mix until now. To kick of 2014, Isa invited Ripley to send along a mix of latin-themed bass, which led to this fine production, featuring many beloved artists from across the globe in Ripley’s signature high-energy live mixing style.

In Isa’s own words:

“I am very excited to welcome Ripley to the Etoro family and to start the 2014 sessions series with her, this has been something we’ve been talking about for a while (to have her doing a session) and finally it has materialised.

With her session Ripley is taking us to multiple places in the world, going from one to the other at raging speed but always with that party vibe that characterises her dj sets.

As supposed to last year when we were releasing a new session every week, in 2014 the sessions will be released monthly. Let’s start this year of sessions with the talented Miss Ripley all the way from Brooklyn representing bad ass female dj’s, the Dutty Artz fam and the Amazing music that people creates around the world.

Best wishes for this year!
Turn it up and turn lose!
Best vibes!
Isa GT x”