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As an impulsively random blog reader I find myself constantly and randomly skimming, reading, and searching through my long list of bookmarked blogs. Among those blogs, I seem to always find some kind of material contributed by Caballero, whether it be music, criticism, some kind of compilation he put together, and everything in between.  He is a writer for Mad Decent, Generation Bass, Tropical bass, Hat & Hoodies, Folcore and many more. He is one of the founding members of Latino Resiste aka The Rebel Records, which has put out some tasteful compilations over the past few years. He always has something cooking thats for sure.  So keep an eye out for Mr. Caballero.

A few weeks ago he shared this track he did with Dany F, a Colombian based producer. Both being from Colombia, Caballero and Dany F fused elements of deep funky house, with champeta and some beautiful vocals.  The dog bark you hear in this track is typical champeta sound. While in Colombia I had the honor to hang with Champeta man aka Lucas Silva’s (founder of Palenque records). Lucas has his nickname for a reason. Anyway he shared with us the history behind the use of this sound. Basically,  a cheap casio keyboard was a popular instrument amongst the Afro- Colombian champeta community. This dog bark is a sample that comes with the keyboard, and it is used quite often as a solo sound that musicians rock out on throughout a champeta track.

Check out Caballo’s collaboration. And be sure to keep up on his compilation releases:

Dany F & Caballo- La Nave (only 100 DL) by caballo

Champeta-Man Interview


(check out Chief Boima’s post on Chamepta, he offers a mixtape the incorporates this style of music mixed with highlife, soukous, and kwaito, . He also shares some brief history behind the development of the genre)


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