Movado took a loss, evidently, and looked quite “wounded” in the post-clash interviews but that’s not going to slow him down.  Arguably, the biggest dancehall star in the world at the moment, thanks to Hot 97 and his mega-popular hit song “So Special” – video below.  He lives in a futuristic city, drives a lamborghini, sleeps and wakes up with beautiful women, not to forget the alcohol and good smoke– you know, all of the things suitable for a dancehall reggae superstar’s life.

On another note – I was talking to a vendor who has been sold out of the Sting 2008 DVDs for weeks. She’s at the intersection of Fulton and Nostrand in Bed-Stuy, so one can only imagine how fast those DVDs move.



  1. Yeah, truthfull Kartel may have won the battle but lost the war. I really doubt all his evilness or hardcore punany lyrics are going to cross onto the billboard charts.

  2. Strange that ths video is clearly tailor-made for 106th and Park, and yet they cancelled the premiere at the last second.. citing too much alcohol and scantily clad women.. wtf!

  3. D, really? Do you have a link? That’s a shame, and it’s disappointing, especially when they already have videos showing and glorifying the same exact kind of messages, excess materialism, sex and alcohol. The song is getting so much love in the US right now.

    Matt, true- Vybz strike me as an artist respected and loved by the dancehall community and fans, while Movado is gritty and raw but finds a way to appeal to and attract mainstream audience (think: No Doubt/Bounty Killer collab type ting), casual reggae listeners (Jay-Z even remix/added vocals to one of his songs), as well as hardcore fans and people involved in the dancehall community…

    And now this – http://wayneandwax.com/?p=1383

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