Alex BokBok has a new short mix up to promote his Night Slugs night coming up Friday in LDN. The first tune is just listed as ‘intro’ which makes me think it’s by him. It’s sick. He mixes into Donaeo’s ‘Party Hard’ which I’m feeling, especially his little “eh!”s in the beginning. Someone has been listening to The Dream. Me too Donaeo, me too. This is a cool little quick intro into the UK Funky House sound since Alex isn’t playing a lot of the really horribly cheesy stuff that gets played in this genre too. I really like the vibe of a lot of Funky but sometimes it just swerves off into horrible cocktail house and it’s suddenly just all too much and I have to stop.

“This Friday, 30 January, Night Slugs returns for a one-off at Egg in King’s Cross where they will be playing host to DJsets from Kode9, Mak 10, Dubplate Malice and Dress 2 Sweat’s Jackmaster. “

Download: Bok Bok mini mix

1. Intro
2. L-VIS 1990 – United Groove
3. DONAEO – Party Hard
4. AFEFE IKU – Mirror Dance (YORUBA SOUL mix)
5. KODE9 vs LD – 2 Bad
6. FOOTLOOSE – Just Leave (FINGAPRINT remix)
7. GHOSTMAN – 25th Hour
8. FANTASY U.F.O. – Fantasy (BOK BOK edit)
9. CURSES! – Moss Man
10. DEXPLICIT – Judas
11. ROD LEE – Let Me See What U Workin With (RUSTIE remix)
12. THE BODY SNATCHERS ft. GOLDMOUF – I Like What I See (JOKER remix)
13. BOK BOK – No Need To Front 2009


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