Tomorrow I’m DJing an *all-ages* party at 285 Kent in Brooklyn with Prince Rama, Eva Aridjis, Weird Magic, and more. FB invite. dance dance explode dance.

I spent today working on a mix, which meant that by the time the radio show rolled around, I was all beat-ed out, so it starts off on a classical/float/peat-bog tip. Now streaming:

Podcast subscribers: We’ve been a bit behind on getting the last month or so out, but things should be back on track shortly. Maybe already? The podcast version gets trimmed a bit, so tune in live or catch the stream for maxximum mudd.


So Percussion and Matmos Needles
Johanna Beyer IV
Mokira Harold Dubb
Erk Tha Jerk Sunday Morning
Brooklyn Rider Together Into This Unknowable Night Seven Steps In A Circle
Pete Swanson Face The Music
Zambri From The Starts House of Baasa Kanine
Actress Tree of Knowledge R.I.P. Honest Jon’s
Spoek Mathambo Father Creeper Father Creeper Sub Pop
Sonora Cambios ft Boogat
Francis Bebey New Track African Electronic Music 1975-1982
Actress Caves of Paradise R.I.P.
oOoOO Starr Our Loving Is Hurting Us Tri Angle
Pacheko 3Ball City