Dutty Chutney in Brooklyn

Two months ago, I sat down with Mandip Kalsi to talk about New York’s party scene, building community through music, and the move of his Philly-based Dutty Chutney party to New York. Mandip, one of the resident deejays of Dutty Chutney expressed the intention of the party as a place to blend a variety of genres from the Caribbean to South Asia, electronic to bhangra, soca to reggae, and dancehall to hard-hitting bass. Already known in Philadelphia, we discussed how the move was the opportunity for DC to push the envelope with new guest DJs and add new flavor to New York’s nightlife.

I’d never been to DC while it was in Philly, so I got the chance to check it out last month when the homie, Geko Jones, guest deejayed the first DC in Brooklyn. Currently hosted at The Cove, I saw the music attract a diverse crowd, one that in my experience is sometimes difficult to bring out to that part of Williamsburg.

And so we’ve been talking about how to keep creating a space that attracts and challenges new crowds, and how to keep growing Dutty Chutney as it finds its niche in New York.

This Friday, guest DJ, Beto (iBomba) tears it up with residents Mandip and M-Ski. As the host of the iBomba, I’ll definitely say you don’t want to miss this Dutty Chutney vs. iBomba clash – future dancehall, future bass, future everything.