Last Monday’s radio show is now streaming. I selected the tunes but hiccuping Casablanca wireless meant that last-minute I couldn’t add my voice — co-pilot Lamin Fofana helped out on that end.

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El Resplandor Rocio
Swizz Beatz Everything (Coolin) feat. Eve
Shabazz Palaces Youlogy Black Up
Visionist Rock the FLock (Lamin Fofana remix) Diskotopia
Capitol K Andean Dub UNRELEASED
Glasser Mirrorage Ring
Lizandro Meza Martha la Reina
Gang Gang Dance Glass Jar Eye Contact
?? ?? (child singing religious CD from pushcart vendor in Casablanca)
Gang Gang Dance Glass Jar Eye Contact
Abdou Adrar track 1 Box Music berber banjo space music plus some synthesizers
Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello Soft Plastic Shell Acute Inbetweens Cronica
Pantha Du Prince Stick To My Side (Four Tet version) XI Versions of Black Noise Rough Trade