snoop dub

Dubstep is moving.  Check the legit collabo tune between Snoop Dogg, Tanvi Shah of Slum Dog Millionaire and Chase and Status.  I’m a little startled but I guess this is just how the world is moving right now.  The tune is pretty good too.  Interesting how they put the chorus over big bass drops and then ease out for the verses.  Well done everybody, thanks to Mad Decent for the link.


  1. this seems to be the way this work, but for anyone unclear about this, the original tune is chase & status’s “eastern jam” (which i am going to happily smash 200+ persian students with next weekend).

    lot’s of dubstep tunes have gotten vocals on them… joker’s “snake eater”, bass clef’s “cannot be straightened”, starkey’s “gutter music, etc…

    and for the record i deleted chase & statuses tune “saxon” finding it boring at first, but when i heard it live on a system it completed rocked. so play yer dubstep loud, friends!

  2. I really don’t know if I like it, but I have listened to it like 10 times ether way. Interesting I guess.

    What vocals got put over Snake Eater?

  3. Durrty Goodz did a vocal on Snake Eater, I think it’s on his Ultrasound album/EP/mix CD which came out recently, certainly I heard him do it live last weekend

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