1. this seems to be the way this work, but for anyone unclear about this, the original tune is chase & status’s “eastern jam” (which i am going to happily smash 200+ persian students with next weekend).

    lot’s of dubstep tunes have gotten vocals on them… joker’s “snake eater”, bass clef’s “cannot be straightened”, starkey’s “gutter music, etc…

    and for the record i deleted chase & statuses tune “saxon” finding it boring at first, but when i heard it live on a system it completed rocked. so play yer dubstep loud, friends!

  2. I really don’t know if I like it, but I have listened to it like 10 times ether way. Interesting I guess.

    What vocals got put over Snake Eater?

  3. Durrty Goodz did a vocal on Snake Eater, I think it’s on his Ultrasound album/EP/mix CD which came out recently, certainly I heard him do it live last weekend

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