The Only Lasting Truth Is Change.


Check 1:40 for the real moment(s) of clarity here.

Dutty Artz is a book club. You might have thought we were a record label- given that we’re releasing tracks every month and constantly feeding the internet with audio files- but it goes a lot deeper then that. If you want to be part of the club, you should read Octavia Butler’s Parable of The Sower. If you’re not in the Northern Hemisphere- you might want to wait until Summer, caus this one is dark, and if read before bed, almost guaranteed to induce the vivid nightmares that lodge in your psyche for days before revealing themselves as dreams and not memories.

We’re scrambling just like everyone else right now- trying to figure out what it means to be a record label in an era where recorded digital media has no value- and the only people making money are slicing off pounds of flesh to get branded. You’ll see us move in that direction too. It’s inevitable. Hopefully we can do it without losing too much respect. Until then you can find me steady dreaming of new distribution paradigms as we pass each other printed relics.


  1. When I first arrived in Orange County, CA it really crystallized this book’s setting for me. Having never been to Southern California when I read this book, I didn’t visualize the walled-in communities as ordinary. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the gated communities.

  2. Octavia Butler is the truth in purest form.

    Also read Xenogenesis trilogy, Wild Seed and the Patternist series and Fledgling, all are amazing and wonderful. So sad that she’s not with us any more.

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