The Very Best Mixtape

hey y’all – welcome to the dutty family UPROOT ANDY. he’ll be blogging here when inspiration strikes. new yorkers may be familiar with his uptempo, utterly infectious DJ sets (guaracharaca migration anyone?) which are loaded with homemade bombs & refixes. Y le gusta la salsa. – Rupture

the very best front

Esau Mwamawaya and Radioclit just released this free mixtape to promote their upcoming album under the name The Very Best. How modest. But really this is very good. I got it at Ghettobassquake and I’m sure it will be all over the internet in a couple days, as it should be, I think it fits right in with the Dutty Artz sound and I wanted to make sure everyone got it over here. This is a mixtape only in the old hip hop sense, the rhythms having been pulled from different sources to carry Esau’s vocals, the thing plays like an album, the tracks are separate and unmixed. Highlights for me are the banging ‘Wena’ which uses a beat from the huge Kwaito producer DJ Cleo, and the beautiful ‘Hide & Seek’ which uses a beat from french electro hip hop group TTC produced by Para One.

Get it here (link restored)


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