Yes, we’re taking over YouTube.

The video for Reef by Baby Kites and Nokea, two young producers from the DA camp, directed by Panoptic is out. It’s a promo for DJ /Rupture’s new uproot CD (buyable). Thanks to the people at YouTube for putting us on the front page and getting us thousands of views, dozens of inane comments and spam and friend requests from random people in the past two hours of it being up there. The internet is a wild and wonderful place.


Next is the official worldwide exclusive premiere of 77Klash’s new video for Mad Again (Whoa!) from his Code for the Streets EP (on iTunes) produced by myself Matt Shadetek. In case you were wondering, yes that’s reggae legend Johnny Osbourne in the video. He came and laid his classic whoa-yea chorus for us in the studio, it’s not a sample as some people have thought. The video shoot was a lot of fun. Watching the dancers from Ground Zero and Dancerz Blvd do their thing was crazy, Skerrit Bwoy brought his usual maddness to the set (that’s him with the ladder and garbage can, nuts as usual), Max Glazer, Gravy, Barrington, Mass Processor and both generations of Crazy Legs all made appearances (the young dancehall dancer and the vet b-boy). Check the video, directed by Jon Fine.



  1. totaly unrelated note, but i thought you might appreciate these two pieces of info from the daily kos, matt…

    this is a freaky story on the lynch-mob like frenzies the mccain rallies are devlolving into, with a LONG thread

    and this is a great (HUGE!) list of obama information… a great resource of accomplishments and contrasts to mccain. useful for tose voters who actually care about facts and whatever…

    both songs are awesome, btw… keep the dope tunes coming!

  2. The win for best comment goes to:
    “sexytime explosion mellow drip loving boxed”

    And no it’s not from some crazy Balkan person, but from a jobless American guy who builds hydrogen cells.


    I’m terrified of the internet.

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