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The world will be tested by Texas Instruments and English diction…

One of my favorite bands released an album sometime in mid-2009, and I’m only coming across it/listening to it now. They have been gone for so long, and their buzz so quiet now. Nevertheless, it’s great to see Tjinder Singh & Co. return with more brilliant tunes. When I Was Born for the 7th Time is their most cited album and it’s charm is undeniable, a true classic— but (in high school and college) I found myself listening to Handcream for a Generation and Woman’s Gotta Have It more than anything else. 


  1. handcream for a generation is dope, but call me crazy for enjoying wiwbft7t as much as i do…i can listen to it straight through the (minus the last 2 songs) with no hesitation.

  2. i just ripped and added all those albums to my mp3 player. should make great listening for a long train ride i have to take tomorrow.

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