THEESatisfaction (@STASandCAT) Tonight Across the Street from @DuttyArtz Sweatlodge

Cameo Gallery 8.30 PM $10
93 North 6th Street

The first time I heard about THEESatisfaction was from a friend in Seattle who said their live show was the best thing she had seen in years. That was a few years back now, which I can only assume means the girls have tightened their shit after touring solo and with Shabazz and releasing a seemingly endless stream of dope tracks on bandcamp. They were in town this week to shoot a video with Dream Hampton and luckily for the rest of us Popgun grabbed them for a show tonight.

Realizing that they will perform tonight at Cameo, just down the street from Sweatlodge was one of those little reminders why living in the density of New York can be dope. Their show ends at 11:30 so get out early tonight and hit both.

Sweatlodge Flyer
DJ Ripley, Geko Jones, Matt Shadetek and Lamin Fofana.
10PM – 4AM, FREE
The Cove NYC, 108 N. 6th St. Brooklyn NY