Cumba Mela: The Gather

 This Saturday (3.10.12), the Cumba Mela Collective, the crew I started running with a couple years ago is finally shaping up our act and putting together a really fun all night dance party in this old and really cool vacant bar in Long Island City. For those of you who are wondering what ever happen to Cumba Mela and that project they did in Colombia, just know things are slowly coming together, and material will be surfacing hopefully by fall of 2012.  Sometimes we need to take a step back to understand whats the next step to take when working collectively and creatively.

So if you are looking to escape the over priced NYC drinks, and really let loose, this is the spot to hit this Saturday. Take the N or Q to 39th ave QUEENSBOUND, walk east on 39th ave from 31st to 29th street. Trust me you won’t miss it.


$10 Cover

DJs: Atropolis, Thornato, 2melo

MCs: Brooklyn Shanti, POLO

ALSO don’t forget, SWEAT LODGE TOMORROW NIGHT at THE COVE. SPECIAL GUEST DJ RIPLEY w/ of course: Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, and Lamin. Scroll down for more details