To The Good Hearted Givers

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Friend of Dutty Artz, Sam Hilmer, and one half of the duo Trouble, has with his partner put together an ambitious project that started today in Bushwick, NY. You Are Here is an arts festival set in a life-size maze. From what I can remember, getting lost in a freaky real life maze is everyone’s David Bowie inflected childhood fantasy (I never even saw that movie, but remember wanting to get lost in it at some point) so check it out if you are passing through Brooklyn this July.

They are running a Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring the maze to Berlin, and they basically need to raise 2000 more dollars in three days (a donor will kick in the last amount if they reach $10,000.) Let’s see if a last minute Dutty familia push can put them over the top and out to Germany! Yeeeeeee!