This is pretty incredible.  Shows what you can do nowadays with some creativity and relatively low budget and technology film making wise.  If you are interested in uses for drones besides killing people this is a really good one. It’s a Czech skate video shot with a flying camera. I’d like to remix it with different music but the visuals are pretty stunning. Big up to the people who made this.


[DJ Javier Estrada, courtesy Reuben Torres]

An essay I wrote on “The Aztec imagery and digital soundworld of Mexican producer Javier Estrada” is available in the current issue of Frieze. In it I explore resonances between global genres in the internet age, Atomik Aztex (the novel), Oscar Zeta Acosta, Aztec-inspired notions of cyclical time and our favorite hummingbird god, plus a pragmatic approach to the issue of “aliens” coupled with advice on how to exit the category of speed. Javier’s work is generous, complicated, and inspires these sort of linkages.

You can find the article wherever fine magazines are sold and read it online right here.

Below, two songs that I discuss in the piece. Listen to the voice of Huitzilopochtli…

Los Cadetes de Linares – No Hay Novedad (DJ Javier Estrada remix)

[audio: Javier Estrada – No Hay Novedad – Cadetes de linares (Javier Estrada Remix) .mp3]

DJ Javier Estrada – Pre-Hispanic Moombahton Gods
[audio: Javier Estrada – Pre Hispanic Moombahton Gods .mp3]

On August 17th at Brooklyn’s Glasslands, the Dutty Artz collective will throw a fundraiser party as part of our new CHANGE THE MOOD! series. This event is the first stage of fundraising for a new Beyond Digital project, ‘Beyond The Block.’ Beyond The Block combines the best of block party vibes with an overt commitment to support community-based social justice initiatives in New York City.

Dutty Artz presents CHANGE THE MOOD! a fundraiser party for Beyond The Block.
Fri. August 17th at Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 11pm. $10

Hosted by Pupa Bajah and Jasmin Cruz
NYC debut of Chants (live from Madison, WI)

DJ Ushka vs. a Rhino
Chief Boima vs. a Robot
DJ Rupture vs. an Elephant
Taliesin vs. a Vampire
Geko Jones vs. a Chicken-Stealing Fox
Atropolis vs. the Euro

visuals by Rainstick | Rupture’s birthday | silent auction fundraiser

RSVP here on Facebook

will feature performances by Dutty Artz affiliated visual artists, musicians, DJs, and MCs. A portion of proceeds & silent auction will support the Beyond the Block Sunset Park initiative. The party combines Dutty Artz’s ground-up artistic vision with a desire to connect music fans to the struggles faced by local communities of immigrants, artists, workers, and young people that often help inspire contemporary global fashion trends.

CHANGE THE MOOD! performers include Chants from Madison, WI, making his NYC debut on the strength of his ‘Night After’ EP (“Chants makes very beautiful sounds that make you feel like you’re swimming in an underwater world of loveliness” – Dummy Mag), recent WIRE mag coverboy DJ /rupture, Que Bajo’s Geko Jones, Rick Ross protégé Chief Boima, and more.

BEYOND THE BLOCK. Can a hype block party double as an opportunity to spread information about stop & frisk, immigrant rights, police surveillance, and housing? We say yes. As the championing of diversity, a global outlook, and a celebration of the local become increasingly common in today’s dance music scenes, we see an ideal opportunity to use the energy & open-ended vibe of a great party to connect musical ideas to their real-world analogs: to create a space where we can talk about – and dance to – an incredible musical selection while sharing useful information for our communities that are impacted by issues pertaining to undocumented workers’ rights, transnational identity, health care, police violence, housing and more. Happening this fall, the inaugural Sunset Park edition of Beyond The Block is a collaboration between Beyond Digital, Dutty Artz, The Arab American Association of New York, La Unión, and individual artists and Brooklyn-based community members.


[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Friend of Dutty Artz, Sam Hilmer, and one half of the duo Trouble, has with his partner put together an ambitious project that started today in Bushwick, NY. You Are Here is an arts festival set in a life-size maze. From what I can remember, getting lost in a freaky real life maze is everyone’s David Bowie inflected childhood fantasy (I never even saw that movie, but remember wanting to get lost in it at some point) so check it out if you are passing through Brooklyn this July.

They are running a Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring the maze to Berlin, and they basically need to raise 2000 more dollars in three days (a donor will kick in the last amount if they reach $10,000.) Let’s see if a last minute Dutty familia push can put them over the top and out to Germany! Yeeeeeee!

The first show in Mudd Up Radio’s new Wednesday night time slot is now streaming! SOAP BLEACH SOFTENERS. Gentle beginnings. New music from Cauto, Vladislav Delay, Ghanain gospel, Erothug, and, yes, Lana del Rey:

WFMU’s Winter 2012 schedule shuffle means that, starting this week, Lamin Fofana will host a show right before me on Wednesdays! We’ll do our best to give you good apocalypse in 2012. Our ice cream comes in 5 flavors: regular black, mudd, noir noir, soft bop, and dust bowl.

December 7, 2011, Mudd Up! w/ DJ Rupture on WFMU – tracklist:


An album release party and free night of celebration in the heart of the heart of the country!

Click on the huge GIF to see the huge GIF in all its huge GIFNESS.

djs mothershiester and bent invite you to:

The 2nd Happy Hour installment of Africa is Not a Country features a special performance by Nettle. Led by DJ /rupture, this inter-continental project blends electronic beats, North African folksongs and percussion with avant garde noise. We’ll be celebrating the release of group’s new record — El Resplandor: The Shining in Dubai / iTunes / Amazon / Boomkat. “For this album, Nettle imagined a remake of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining set in a luxury hotel in Dubai, U.A.E. El Resplandor: The Shining In Dubai is their soundtrack for that nonexistent film.”

Live DJ sets by bent and mothershiester through the night will feature Rock, Ska, and Punk anthems from Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Jazz arrangements from Madagascar and Ghana. Soukous jams and Chaabi gems. Plus a glut of “pirated” Kenyan Pop mp3s that dj bent found while idly cruising the information superhighway.

Friday, December 2

Marrakech Lounge

1817 Columbia Rd. NW

7 to 11 pm

Nettle plays at 9pm!


enjoy drink specials of $3 beers, $5 wine and rail drinks, and delicious $5 appetizers at this brand new north african spot – Marrakech Lounge.

plus hooka/sheesha for enjoyment on the veranda

Africa is Not a Country is an anti-colonial musical journey, using the dancefloor/barstool to deconstruct the idea of “African music” as we rock out from Jo-burg to Cairo, from Dakar to Nairobi, with a quick lap around the islands.

IMG 3798

[Downliners Sekt – Picture by Fric Lopez / Postproduction by Gerard Franquesa]

A week from today, tune into Mudd Up at 8pm EST to catch a special show, recorded on-location with the mysterious Barcelona-based duo Downliners Sekt, who make “soul-filled gospel hymns for a technological apocalypse.” We will learn new myths about Portbou , enter the world of gypsies who sell fake gold teeth, and hear some unreleased Sekt material… Their past several releases have been availalble on vinyl and as free downloads. See you down the line…

[audio: hockey nights in Canada.mp3]

Downliners Sekt – Hockey Nights in Canada (Meet the decline)

Grouper – “Alien Observer”

Last week, Portland, Oregon based musician Liz Harris, better known as Grouper released two separate incredible albums, Alien Observer & Dream Loss, wrapped together as A I A. Preview the striking Wurlitzer pulses and sweet drones title track from Alien Observer above. A I A is beautiful, strange, and unsettling; harsh, heavy drones & dark, delicate tones; songs about aliens and ghosts & loves lost and love yet to happen. Liz Harris also made a series of rare east coast live appearances, one of which was at Brklyn’s Glasslands last Saturday. Harris gave such a mesmerizing performance, the crowd was pin drop silent and so attentive you could hear the sound from the venue two doors down bleeding into Glasslands.

Harris describing her new albums: “Dream Loss is a collection of older songs, mostly written before a hard time. Alien Observer, for the most part, is made of songs recorded after that time. Each has a song that belongs thematically on the other, a seam stitching them together. Both albums… explore otherness. Being an other to one’s own self, to other humans; ghosts and aliens, both literal and metaphorical; and other worlds to escape to (beneath the water, in the sky). Thinking about people who have died…

The process of making these albums reacquainted me with what I want to explore in music: friction, exploration of something large and outside of me, describing and traveling to intangible objects and places, unseen movements and connections between people and spaces. Songs that move on their own, that have an autonomous monstrous quality, songs from another world.”