Lately I’ve been having fun typing things into Google’s little search box at the top right of my browser and seeing what comes up as suggestions. Today I was reading about the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation on Wikipedia and there was a mention of Caucasian people, who have a wikipedia entry too. This however lead me to see what google had to say about white people so I tried my friend the search box. Hilariously the first result was ‘white people stole my car’. What? Needless to say I clicked through. Turns out that a while back if you typed ‘white people stole my car’ into Google, the helpful googleoids would ask “did you mean black people stole my car?” Screenshot below. I can’t vouch for the veracity of the screenshot but I did find it very funny.


  1. This is fake, the person wrote black people stole my car making a spelling error, so that google asks “do you mean black people stole my car” and then changed black to white so that he tries to fool people into thinking google is racist.

  2. everyone relax its was im sure a joke to some its insensitive to others like me its hysterical. why cause i know alot of black people and none of them would steal my car so to me its just a joke nothing more. people have the right to do just as much as you have the right to not like it. i am not a racist but i love racist jokes i dont know why to me there funny.

  3. i think its hella funny, shit and true.. lmao sad to say its about a ratio not racist… and im black; but im sure the RATIO OF BLACK TO WHITE… its just the black people get caught=)

  4. i wrote down that gay people stole mi car but it wrote did ya mean ur mom stole ur car i waz all like wtf but she really did its like some certain pshycic or somethin

  5. well i dont find it funny im black n the ratio line queensheba used is BS i know for a fact that over 95% of blacks dont steal including me so im offended that any black person would agree with this. its a stupid stereotype that ignorant people would listen to or entertain and seeing this shows me how simple minded and ignorant people still are today

  6. daja your an idiot. it’s not about what percentage of black people steal cars, but the ratio of black people vs other races who steal cars. and in that case, google is surprisingly intuitive.
    and you go calling others simple minded. If you want to battle racism do it in an intelligent way, right now your only substantiating a stereotype.

  7. Lighten up its a joke get over it. I’m black n I found it hysterical not BC I agree but BC it was funny. We all know racism still exists its how u chose 2 deal wit it n personally I’d rather laugh than cry or get mad

  8. man black ppl think its ok 2 make funwhite of ppl but god forbid we say anything…for instance we can make a movie called ”white ppl cant jump” but if u made a movie called”black guy cant swim” its racist?? wtf america

  9. I dont find this at all funny and if it was an african american who made this joke u should be ashame of urself to even make a joke like tht towards ur own race, GROW UP SERIOUSLY and i am african american and its not cool, its bad enough tht our race get shitted on by other but now we cracking jokes like this one about our very own race, really though? Thts how u feel, u might well help tht whites hang us and sit and the dinner table with them, u are such a disgrace

  10. Smh at this joke dont find it funny at all, GROW UP!!! And if this was black person who made this joke how i feel u might as well become friends with the whites and help them hang blacks and burn them and afterwards go and sit and hv dinner with them dumbass

  11. Lol. this is a good joke, am black and this is jus a sweet joke..lol….creative…there is completly noting racist with this joke….some o these tings are just mind over matter

  12. NEWSFLASH! IM WHITE! AND HAVE NEVER HUNG A BLACK PERSON! NOR DO I FELL BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE TREATED DIFFERENTLY! So for you “african americans” who are all pissed off about this joke saying if it was a black person who made this joke then they might as well “sit down and have dinner with me and help me hang them” YOU ARE FUCKING IGNORANT! Pretty sure thats being racist. So whats the lesser of the two evils here?? Get the fuck over it. Im pretty sure Im not about to jump on a band waggon to start hanging black people just because I laughtd at this joke. Im tired of black people thinking I fucking owe them something cuz Im white. “Oh black man stole my car so Im gunna say black people steal cars” “Oh white people hung this other black guy who Ive never met so white people are racist”…..are you fucking kidding me???? My black brother who I love to death would laugh his ass off at this joke. Get the fuck over yourselves.

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