Matt Shadetek mixing in the Dubspot basement, photo by Kiva

While I’m posting about Dubspot radio you all might as well check out the mix that I did on it last week.  It’s me playing 140bpm stuff, a bunch of dubstep, garage and a bunch of stuff off Flowers including a few exclusive unreleased things including tracks from Jahdan Blakkamoore, Indigo Rex who’s one of my former students who’s coming along quite nicely and some other new stuff.  It starts off deep and cool and heats up.  At least the first half will help you stay cool.  The second half might make things worse.

New Brainfeeder artist Lorn did a cool mix too playing a bunch of whatever they’re calling all that new glitchy hip hop stuff.  Beat scene?  Wonky?  I don’t know, anyway there were some joints followed by an interview I did with him talking production and creative process.  I cringe listening to my voice BUT there were definitely some jewels getting dropped, hit the Dubspot Blog post to stream or download the audio and read the track lists.

On Monday we’re going to have guest Elliot Lipp and Dubspot’s own !bangInclude, the show is every Monday from 8-10PM EST.

We had a great session down in the Dubspot basement last Monday.  Dubspot’s own DJ Shiftee and Trouble and Bass’s Star Eyes came down and melted our brains.  Shiftee played an hour long set of full blast dubstep, electro whatever all expertly mangle-ated on Traktor and Maschine in real time.  It was exciting.  Star Eyes followed with an ill set of deep and largely un-released funky, garage, dubstep and grime(!) both from herself and a who’s who of the international underground dance music scene.  I always love hearing her play.   Hit the Dubspot blog to stream or download the two sets, sign up for the Dubspot Radio podcast (which is produced and hosted by me and Lamin) and log on with us every Monday on Ustream from 8-10PM EST to heat up your earz if they weren’t already hot enough in this fucked up heat wave we’re having.

This Friday I’ll be playing at my current favorite party in NYC, Turrbotax.  I really like what Contakt and the Turrbotax crew have  put together there.  They’re playing a really cool blend of new dance music and it’s always a fun hype atmosphere.  Free beer by Asahi from 11-12 doesn’t hurt either.  I’m especially pleased about this Friday’s Turrbotax Business Edition since I’ll be playing with Mosca of Night Slugs.  Mosca produced the 10 minute post-funky epic ‘Nike’ which really got my ears open last year.  I expect this to be one to remember so please do come out and sweat with us.

Friday, July 2nd, 10pm – 4am
The Cove (formerly known as Hugs)
106 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)

$FREE before 11pm, $5 before 12am, $7 after

With Special Guests:
Mosca (Night Slugs/London/UK)
Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Norrit (Think 2Wice/Lawrence, KS)

Video City
Rem Koolhaus

FREE Asahi Beer from 11-12pm

Facebook Invite: HERE

Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio
Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio

Me and Lamin are both working at Dubspot now and we are doing a new radio show out of the Dubspot basement!  It’s being streamed and podcasted.  Subscribe at the original post!

Our first guests on the Dubspot Radio Podcast are two New York heavyweights: Dave Q and Badawi.  Dave Q has played a pivotal role in bringing Dubstep to NYC through his respected Dub War parties and his forward looking DJ sets.  Badawi aka Raz Mesinai is a long time participant in many mutant strains of dub music in NY and internationally and has now teamed up with Dave Q to start The Index, their new label project.  Among his many activities Raz is also an instructor here at Dubspot teaching students to produce in Ableton Live.  The broadcast contains a mix by Dave Q playing from Serato followed by a short set from Raz on Ableton and at the end an interview with host Matt Shadetek.

Check out the mix and interview on Dubspot’s soundcloud:

Dubspot Radio Podcast: Ep. 1 Dave Q & Badawi by Dubspot

Dutty Artz own mr_blakkamoore is ramping up for the release of his new album Babylon Nightmare coming soon on Lustre Kings and brings us this excellent podcast mixtape for a teaser: Global Warning (click here to download). Me and Liondub, who I produced ‘The General’ with contributed a remix of Jahdan’s ‘Songs of Love’ the first single for the new album.  There’s a bunch of great stuff on here including some exclusives from Digital Ancient aka Andrew Moon Bain and a feature from Baja of Dry Eye Crew and Delie from Noble Society.  Check out the post over at for a little bio of Jahdan and enjoy the mix.

My new solo instrumental album Flowers is out!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It took me a while to get this out, longer than I’d like considering it’s on my own label but now it’s out and it feels GOOD!  I love completing projects.  But it’s not done!  Now I have to actually sell some copies!  If you or your grandma or your friends on the internet would like to support the Dutty Artz movement and contribute to the cause of me buying diapers, catfood and continuing my lavish lifestyle for me and my young family that would be great!  There are many places to buy it.  Here is a list:


This is probably a good option if you want FLAC or any of those non-mp3 formats.
iTunes (USA):
If you buy here please write me a lavish review and give me five stars!  I deserve it!  If you’re browsing the store from your phone or whatever I am featured in front of the Electronic category in the USA store.

AND if you missed them you can get some free downloads including two songs from the album and a podcast DJ mix I did for XLR8R:

Download ‘Funny Cats’ from The FADER

Download ‘iHop’ from XLR8R

Download the podcast mix from XLR8R

Stream ‘Funny Cats’ from Soundcloud:

Funny Cats by mattshadetek

This week Konkrete Jungle has NYC culturalists Dutty Artz touching down in advance of Matt Shadetek’s forthcoming solo album Flowers. He and Moshulu Park (aka Lamin Fofana) will be turning out their homegrown sounds, funky steps and bass heavy wares alongside Hipstep master I-Cue and KJ soldiers Krunchy and Junglez. Human? and Lifeline will be making sure there’s plenty of dutty to go around at the bar while Goldenchild and I-Cue bring you the real art of mixology. Follow Man Like Mac for the Holla For A Dolla and $5 all night passwords Dont Sleep!





FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010
171 east bway

Here’s DJ N-RON’s  M-C-M1 Mixtape to get you hype for the free party. Head over to Spannered, where it was originally posted for download link, tracklist, + info.


& from Reaganomics SoundCloud page:

E boi by dj reaganomics

20 meninas remix by dj reaganomics

fuego puro by dj reaganomics

New York Ravers, next weekend come get dutty with me on Saturday night at an underground party in Soho details here. Thanks to everyone who came out to Oceans of Blood and skanked out this past Friday, great party. Seems like I’m getting asked more and more to play at these underground jams in informal locations more and more, I’m really happy to see them happening again after many years of being verrrry bored going to regular clubs in NYC. Support these events and let’s keep ’em happening.

Normally I get a lot of stupid shit in the form of press releases but today I actually got one with something cool in it. Publicists, just because I’m blogging about something I got in a release doesn’t mean you should send more! I hate them! What does this say about how we should all be promoting our music? I don’t know.

Anyway, Pursuit Grooves is a female producer/singer/rapper from BK who I’ve never heard of but has a new record out on dubstep label Tectonic although it’s not dubstep. I like what I’ve heard. Also, dubstep labels take note: you need more female energy. You are all turning (have turned) your genre into a big macho dick grabbing testosterone fest and it’s turning me off. As rising dancehall artist Professor says in one of my recent favorite songs:

“Nuff Bwaaaaaay / a gwan like dem nuh wan roll wit de gyal dem… Some bwaaaaay would rather roll out wit one bagga man fren… my yout it no look good.”
– Professor, Roll With The Gal Dem

Pursuit Grooves “Fox Trot Mannerisms” Tectonic TECCD008 by Multiverse


And here’s the Professor tune I was quoting. Big tune on Don Corleon’s new Gala Riddim.


I muddled these together about two weeks ago, somewhere between Alabama and Louisiana, while heading to Texas on that Green Owl biodiesel bus. I had been listening to Everyday Bullshit (a 3-track EP with two stunning joints – specifically “Always Sharp” and “Holki”) by ANS, a producer from Liberec, Czech Republic — and thinking about a way to include one of his tunes in my section of our Superfront mix. The mix was already crowded with some of my favorite recent dancehall bangers. I asked Gex if he had a roots joint to cool it out with, and he suggested some remix of “Hail The King,” but he also had the acapella for which he was unaware he had.  Anyway, I went straight for the acapella and five minutes later, threw up on top of ANS’s “Holki.” This is the result, with some minor vocal edits.

SUPERFRONT‘s “Architecture Mixtape” series launches tomorrow – Thursday, April 1st – at Studio X, with our own DJ /rupture sharing hosting duties with MITCH McEWEN, Founder and Director of SUPERFRONT – presenting recent exhibits curated in both SUPERFRONT’s Los Angeles and Brooklyn galleries. The audience will be invited to participate in a public program that integrates music and community organizing into the production of architectural discourse. Catalog publications and the DJ /rupture-produced soundtrack will be on display.

Superfront “Architecture Mixtape” has four sections – w/ Matt Shadetek dropping all all kinds of dutty dancehall wickedness, and Mosholu Park delivers more recent, ferocious, dancehall explosives, DJ /rupture blurs sublime dancehall riddims he acquired in Brooklyn over the years, and Taliesin’s section is heavy on the R&B side and it’s terrifically good fun!

Free and open to the public
RSVP: gdb210[at]columbia[dot]edu

180 Varick Street, Suite 1610
1 train to Houston Street


Shackleton – Mountains of Ashes
from Three EPs (Perlon, 2009)

I have been somewhat of a perennial fan of Shackleton’s music (I think the first tune I heard from him was “Majestic Visions“) but for some reason, over the years I never got around to posting anything from him or his now defunct Skull Disco imprint (with co-conspirator Appleblim.) Shackleton released Three EPs on Perlon late last year. While the album (?) was somewhat of a departure, it was a brilliant one, with well constructed complex tunes free of unnecessary ornamentations.  The music is not as depressive as some writers make it out to be. In fact, I actually find some of it very uplifting – Shackleton actually sampled the Christian prayer tune/song “He’s got the whole world in his hands” on one of the tracks!


Check out this recent Q&A with Dave Segal of Seattle newspaper The Stranger – The Music of Imminent Apocalypse? – “A Feisty Q&A… with one of the world’s foremost purveyors of hauntological, deep-trauma, ethnodelic bass musick.”

New heat from 77Klash produced by Drop The Lime.  Klash is going in on some deep anti-nuclear annhilation lyrics over a cool dubstep/wobble house beat by Mr. Venezia.  Look out for the “Shadow of Death EP” coming soon on Trouble & Bass Records, I’m interested to hear what they come up with.