CIAfrica – URgencia

I am ripping this directly from Jace’s mudd up! post.  Get the blazing new mixtape CIA History Part 3 (zip). Listen to the new exclusive jam “Black Mama” which we played a little while ago on Mudd Up, and me getting their name wrong on air, calling them C-I-A-Africa, when it is C-I-Africa. Raw and heavy, politically hostile sounds from Abijan. Get familiar.



Sabbo – Far To Go (feat. Little X)

The Chief put me on Sabbo while he was here a couple of weeks ago.  Sabbo is a producer and DJ based in Tel-Aviv,  making solid bass-heavy music and collaborating with actual Jamaican dancehall and reggae artists. “Far to Go” is from his new release It Is The Time, an EP which is out now digitally (vinyl coming next month.)  All 4 tracks on the EP are remarkable, but “Far to Go” is what I’ve kept on repeat for the past week or so. The other three tracks, include vocal contributions from Jah Earth, Jah Rightful, and Chicago’s Zulu, are fully written, realized songs with verses, choruses, etc., whereas “Far to Go” contains only five lines and some chants from the vocalist Little X.  Sabbo stretched and enhanced those five lines and adlibs with his programming, a wicked rhythm track and some sick synths and effects.

octa push

I got put up on Octa Push by the hospitable folks of Bristol’s finest BassMusic/Karnival crew Ruffnek Diskotek. After a massive fry up we were listening to some tunes and Octa Push stood out as some serious heat… A few internet mediated communications later- and we have a brief and incredibly straight forward interview direct for DA from the Iberian peninsula.

Who is Octa Push?
We’re two brothers, Dizzycutter and Mushug and we both have been making beats for a while but only started making them together in the beginning of 2008. Started a bit like a joke when our friends at Conspira (one of the first crews pushing bass music in Portugal) booked us for a show. We had to find a name and make loads of beats, it went well and then we decided to take it a bit more seriously. Since then things been moving really fast and we’ve been lucky to play in wicked places!
We did official remixes for people like Buraka Som Sistema, Débruit, Mochipet, Monkey Steak and more..
Our sound has it’s main influences UK garage, bashment, techno, afrobeat and loads of diferent things..

What sort of gear are you working on?
We produce with Cubase SX, lots of VST’s and Midi Controllers.
Thinking on getting some Hardware.
For Live Act we use Ableton Live + 2 Mac’s and 2 MPD24

What are your plans for this upcoming year?
We’re going to release an original 12′ with 3 tracks. 1 with MC Zulu (ninja tune) + 1 with Portuguese/Cape Verde MC Toni Clean.
It will come out on Iberian Records.
Other releases for Steakhouse and a couple of remixes for Civil Music and Enchufada..
We’re thinking of making an album aswell.

Whose pushing the Iberian Sound ?
Iberian sound is blowing up with people like Mr Gasparov, Relocate, Cardopusher, Das Nevez, Buraka Som Sistema, A.m.o.r., DJ Manaia, Batida and more…

Who else are you feeling?
In a bass heavy music tip Bristol is always on the map, producers like Joker, Monkey Steak, Gemmy, Guido, Slugabed are great!
Also guys like Starkey, Dorian Concept, Bullion, L-Vis1990, Debruit, Brackles, Untold are making amazing music at the moment..
Bands like Puscifer, Animal Collective.. blabla we hate listing!

Here’s a tune for  your crates- adroit vocal slicing with lumbering low end beast dragging everything forward with sideways time precision.

Chief Boima will be joining DJ Rupture, on what appears to be the 2nd anniversary of Mudd Up with DJ Rupture on WFMU this Monday, July 6th at 7PM. Chief Boima, an interesting, emerging voice in African diasporic music is based in San Francisco, California, where he organizes a weekly party Descendants United, and a monthly party The Highlife. He also produce music under his name, as well as in the groups Banana Clipz, Beaten By Them, and Chief y Chango. He will be discussing production influences and playing the sounds he’s currently into, everything from Ivorian Coupe Decale and Senegalese Hiphop and Mbalax to Nigerian Club, Angolan Kuduro, South African Kwaito, and the Sierra Leonean sounds he’s been specifically digging. Yeah, it’s a lot, so tune in!


The Very Best feat. Ezra Kroeing – Warm Heart of Africa (Theophilus London Remix)

Theophilus London drop some Brooklyn wave on this new song from The Bery Best. As if you don’t already know, The Very Best are a fantastic outfit from Lilongwe, Malawi and London, Europe bringing you ghetto pop sweetness. I’m quite looking forward to their album, which should be coming out soon.

Here’s an hour long mix Andy did for London’s Diesel U:Music Radio. Grab your passport.. we’re going all over the place. This one is a trip, all sorts of unexpected and pleasant stops — Soca, Dancehall, Merengue, Bullerengue, Coupe Decale, Zouglou, Funana, Punta, Dubstep, Crunk and Enjoy!



Not Known – Skream
Mujeres En El Party – DJ Buxxi & Jacky Style
Que Lo Que ta pasando – Kiko DJ
Get Up Stand Up – Bunji Garlin & T.O.K.
Coupe Decale – Dady Mory
El Baile de la Tortuga – Los Alfa 8
Mambo Million – Magic Juan
No Problems – Zion Child
Cookies & Apple Juice – Cam’ron
Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix) – Alborosie
Bring It On (Rusko Remix) – Leon Jean-Marie
Mi Alma se Muere Ft. Fuego (DJ Ricky Soca Version) – Omega
What You Know (Hard Times) – T.I.
That Day Will Come – Capleton
Funana Santiago – Izé
Man A Man – Baby Cham
Unkown – Les Garagistes
Punta Rebane – Chicas Roland’s
Wha-La-La-Leng – Ghislain Poirier ft. Face-T
Hold the Line – Major Lazer ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold
Faluma Ding – Faluma
Right Now (Chief Boima Remix) – Akon
My Love – Sizzla


DJ Quik & Kurupt – Exodus

DJ Quik & Kurupt – Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind of Mars

DJ Quik and Kurupt’s collaborative effort BlaQKout is an absolutely stunning album. It’s frightening how well DJ Quik makes experimental and ambiguous music (keeping it way 2 fonky!) yet remaining accessible, grounded and extremely authentic. Kurupt’s performance is also on point through out the album, comfortably pushing ahead with personality, substance, and humor.  It’s also worth checking Matthew Africa’s eye-opening and lovingly put together Quik tape.  I am listening to Mos Def’s latest long player The Ecstastic as well. There is a lot of creativity and innovation in these two albums.


DVA – Bullet A Go Gly (featuring Badness, Riko, Flowdan, and Killer P)

Major new, buyable 12″/mp3 release from Keysound Recordings. DVA keeps it raw and defiant, and all the MCs here are extra tuff.  I just can’t tell you how great I think this is right now, but I’ll try.  It is just perfect, extremely exciting, and aggressive grime we just can’t get enough of.  The release also contains an excellent remix from Dusk + Blackdown.

P Money and ??? – Fruit & Veg (DigitalRip)

Another amazing tune – this one is tough, but also quite funny at the same time.  The audio quality is poor, but the jam knocks hard regardless.  In a very tense atmosphere constructed by the producer (whose name we don’t know), two MCs (P Money and and another MC whose name we don’t know either) throw insults and accusations at apples, mangos, oranges, peas, carrots, broccolis, etc.  The attacks and accusations are particularly vicious, especially the ones directed at grapes and berries. (more…)


Check out that flier on the top right of the picture – the note reads: Da Young Rising presents Tumba Nite…  It makes me somewhat homesick.  Anyway, I came across Papa Bajah  and Dry Eye Crew’s music around 2005 when visiting a recently arrived cousin in Maryland. My cousin gave me a compilation CD and DVD showcasing artists from Forensic Studios/Recordings (top Sierra Leone rap label, studio, and crew, and also the place where Bubu Music champ Janka Nabay recorded.)  Dry Eye’s track “Grap En Clap” (meaning “Get Up and Clap” for none Krio speakers) was featured on the CD and DVD comp.  It is easy to imagine this song getting huge in Freetown, and why not? It  is on some serious Salone vibes, “bread and butter with ginger beer.”  I’ve actually heard people playing the song from London to Washington DC, and it was also included on the soundtrack for the action/adventure/drama-fantasy Blood Diamond.
Dutty Artz and Modiba (Bajah + Dry Eye’s label) are friends.  In fact, Bajah and his crew have been popping up at our New York Tropical parties (get ready for the next one, just around the corner!)
With all that said, check out Bajah + Dry Eye Crew‘s myspace and preview their upcoming album, which contains a blazing cut with Jahdan Blakkamoore.

Welcome to our new series – No Rest For The Wicked – here, we will post new and old exciting grime-related goodies (music, youtubery, et cetera) mostly on Sundays and Fridays.  First of all, let’s get something clear – grime is not dead. It is in a far more resilient position than most of us might think.  Some of us stopped paying attention in 2006/7, our attention shifted elsewhere, and leading grime artists contributed to the demotivation and undermining of an otherwise hungry and enthusiastic audience (fans and critics.)  Well, the audience became detached and drifted elsewhere. Some taking the funky train, some narrowing or broadening their listening/soundscapes, concentrating on other music.  We stopped listening listening, but the music keeps on… last year we had excellent/nearly classic albums from Durtty Goodz, Kano, some classic tapes from Jammer and Trim.

More recently, there’s a new generation of grime MC’s coming up – young and hungry fire spittas flooding the virtual grime market with freestyle videos, mixtapes, and one-off tracks you’ll find in forums and on mixshows.  Along with the new batch of MC’s are some recently created and re-structured sites to document the creativity and passion of the younger generation/the new jacks, some of whom seem to be refreshingly unconcerned with making bland, repetitive funky, club music, and songs with dances, and they seemed to be embracing that raw energy and that interesting space once occupied by the pioneers and luminaries, some of whom are now admittedly/increasingly/mostly making “commercial grime.” On these sites, along with new, up and coming MC’s, contents from the more established artists are also abundant.

Tim Westwood has been an ardent supporter of fresh talents, and of grime in general, and showcasing new music on his two shows on Radio 1 and 1Xtra – check his YouTube channel for loads of exclusive freestyles and performances. The young producer Bless Beats is the midst of all this, and he’s not crumbling at all under the pressure. He mostly makes beats for established “commerical grime” artists (radio-friendly grime artists who are hitting the charts with funky/danceable grime tunes) but also maintains links to fresh, young artists looking to create raw, innovative grime.  He gets shouts and respect from most of the young’ns not just because of his success, but more so because of his age. The situation is quite interesting, the position Bless holds at the moment…  the pressure to create more chart topping numbers and embrace success creating R&B/pop songs, or start making beats for artist who might never make it pass, Westwood, or their street and internet albums/fame.  He’s very good at what he does, so he just might keep working that line for years to come, as you can hear on the following track, which will appear on his up coming album –

Bless Beats – Let It Out feat. Donaeo, Wretch 32, and Double S

Some new video freestyles from young, upcoming grime artists –

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]Voltage

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]Macksta and Axe




Dutty Artz Represents the World Town

Story Julianne Shepherd
Photography Jason Nocito

Encyclopedic, scholarly and wielding deep faith in riddim and vibes—the alchemy of the Brooklyn-based Dutty Artz crew is completely mystical and slightly awe-inspiring. Its main proprietors, the power trio of DJ/producers Jace Clayton aka DJ/Rupture, Matt Schell aka Matt Shadetek, and Roberto Fernandez aka Geko Jones, are dudes preeminently known for soliciting and disseminating the globe’s bangingest dancehall, dubstep, and cumbia beats. They have explored metropolises, townships and favelas to seek out music in its indigenous state and found likeminded friends in Brazil’s Maga Bo, Montreal’s Ghislain Poirier, and Cape Town’s African Dope Records crew, and when they can’t get to the most outward of dance music’s niches themselves, they have a gang of colleagues to carry the load. When a friend recently traveled to Distrito Federal in Mexico City, Jones begged him to bring back whatever wild music he could find. Thus, when you Google “tribal guarachero,” is the only non-Spanish blog that results. They are archaeologists scouring the globe’s nooks and crannies with the curiosity of scientists, not conquistadors. They are so passionate about the beat, and generous with their knowledge of it, you almost don’t know where to begin the discussion.

Click HERE to read the rest of Julianne Shepherd’s intelligent and sincere article from The FADER #61.

Here’s a quick reminder of some Dutty Artz movements around the globe this weekend.
NY TROPICAL is in Brooklyn tonight w/ very special live guest 77Klash and Fader magazine writer and DJ Eddie Stats, tomorrow Geko Jones is ripping San Francisco w/ Chief Boima, Taliesin is in Glasgow tonight wrapping up his European trek, and DJ /rupture is shaking down Berlin w/ The Bug, Kid606, Sick Girls – also check for him tomorrow at Bercelona Primavera Sound. Feast your eyes on some visual delights/peep the fliers: