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PW cover front

This is the artwork for a small-run tape / cassette-art project initiated by Simone Bertuzzi. One side features his recordings from Tangiers and the Joujouka Festival in Morocco, and the flip side contains a mix that Maga Bo and I arranged while on a train from Casablanca to Tangiers during Beyond Digital. Simone asked us to select tunes, keeping in mind that the tape would be inserted into Moroccan “bootleg” distribution networks, given out for free in Joujouka, as well as being avaible to all you lovely internet creatures via a 10euro paypal order.

For more on The Master Musicians of Jajouka and/versus The Master Musicians of Joujouka, check out my piece for The National, “Past Masters.”

Simone’s project intrigued me however, as he was more or less sidestepping the aura of arty mysticism around Joujouka and working with what you might call distributional aesthetics — something I think about a lot as well.

tape label

[artwork from the notorious lost Fesmaatic edition]

Bertuzzi writes: “My main goal was to have a sort of non-official distribution in Morocco, things are quite interesting in terms of bootlegging, cd-r and distribution in general in Morocco. I wanted to let locals listen to both the music of the Master Musicians of Joujouka (very known in the rest of the world, but more or less unknown within Morocco) and the eclectic mix of music by Rupture and Maga Bo. This is also why I didn’t decide to focus specifically on Morocco and moroccan music, but I asked the djs to put as much music as possible from many different countries and epochs.”

This is taken from his long, honest post chronicling the ups & downs of whole process.

Maga Bo – “Gondar feat. Eritbu ‘Solomon’ Agegnehu and Entenesh Wassié”

Here’s a video from Dutty Artz family and habitual transnational/borderless bass collaborationist Maga Bo. Filmed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the beautifully shot video for the track “Gondar” which from Maga Bo’s most recent release Ransom EP out now on Senseless Records. Not only providing a glimpse into Bo’s recording process and collaboration with the two Ethiopian musicians – masinqo player Eritbu “Solomon” Agegnehu and singer Entenesh Wassié, we are treated with some wonderful Addis ambiance, plus some beautiful girls dancing to the traditional Azmari song, which Bo laced up/reinforced with some dancehall-like riddim! Stream to the entire Ransom EP on Bandcamp – with remixes from Filastine, Timeblind, Teleseen, Pacheko, and Fletcher.

It also goes without saying that Bo is repping Dutty Artz extra hard in this one! We’ve some some incredible gear coming your way soon too.

We are dropping  a 12 track tropical compilation just in time for when things start to get cold in New York and hot in Rio. Ten unreleased TROPICAL tunes + anthemic FUNKY THAT WE HAD TO COSIGN and A HEAVYWEIGHT NEW MASTER OF NGUZUNGUZU’s EL BEBE AMBIENTE. We feel bad that we have not kept up our LEGENDARY New York Tropical parties- but we just do not have time to promote a crew club night in New York- but maybe again in the future, with some good partners we would get into it again- because NEW YORK TROPICAL WAS A FUCKING BLESSING. The first time I went was before I had really started working with DA and everything about it was perfect. From the German Belgian installation art that slowly dissolved as the dancefloor spread to all surfaces, to the perfect Sangria, the heavy weight dancehall soundsytem that we rented from SoundMan Grimm, a crowd that reflected the diversity of the music…. basically NYT was one of the dopest party series I’ve ever taken part in (although sadly I never got to play caus I was busy learning things in school and hanging out in Europe).

For the comp we hooked up with DA resident internet excavator Seacrest Cheadle  892 u mean computer mean2 computer did u mean competitor a force that has been so next level for so long that it is basically my only internet news source. We have been dreaming of doing projects with him/it/her/zee since before the first .com crash but he’s basically the zeitgeist embodied and besides pretty regular appearances at Korea Town Karaoke Bars and Neurogenetic labs in undisclosed locations- she is damn near impossible to locate. but somewhere in the #based ether we convinced it them 2 make a deadline… and magically, it worked.

Our promo machine is at about cotton gin status at this point… so we just moving FWD looking towards a more cohesive way to reach a larger audience. I dont open or listen to almost any of the promo email I get, and you dont either. But some of it will keep coming but really this whole thing is about relationships. I, for one, am working on my relationship to the ocean and fresh fruit juice in Brazil. I suggest you keep a dream journal while you ask these questions.

There are also tracks on this compilation from important and soon to be important musicians like Lamin Fofana, Kingdom (flipping RITA INDIANA OMFG!), Lido Pimienta, Matt Shadetek, DJ /Rupture, Chief Boima, DJ Orion, Sonora, Salem,  Knight Magic,  La Ola Criminal, Maga Bo.

Tracks will be sold digitally via Hulk Share and on custom GuccixDuttyArtz all-over-print USB sticks

Joyful music for an expensive, shitty city with decaying infrastructure where DUTTY ARTZ lives & loves.


Extra dirty! Extra bomb! Extra short fuse! New EP of remixes from Filastine’s Dirty Bomb now a la venta. Eight lovely tracks that shit on geography & genre, drenched in the sweat of Jahcoozi, Cardopusher, Ill Gates, Maga Bo, Electromeca, phowa, & Deep Throat X. Frequency is the lowest common denominator- put stress your subwoofer: get it via download, iTunes, or on 12″ vinyl.

catch him while you can – Maga Bo has several European dates coming up: WOMEX showcase tomorrow, rocking with Anti Pop Consortium in Geneva, with Filastine in Barcelona, and lots more:


Oct 23 2009 Nuremberg, Germany – Amplified Attitude at Desi

Oct 25 2009 Hamburg, Germany – MFOC at Golden Pudel Club

Oct 30 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark -Official WOMEX Showcase

Oct 31 2009 Copehagen, Denmark РBrazil Mix Showcase at Rust with Marcelinho da Lua and BNeg̣o

Nov 4 2009 G̦ttingen, Germany Рat Blue Note with Dysphemic and Dubmarine DJs

Nov 5 2009 Augsburg, Germany – Lab30 festival at Abraxas

Nov 6 2009 Zurich, Switzerland – Tam Tam from Rio de Janeiro at EXIL

Nov 13 2009 Geneva, Switzerland – Zoo/Usina with Anti-Pop Consortium

Nov 14 2009 Cologne, Germany – Tropical Electro Club at Gebaude 9 with DJs Costinha and Bam-Bou-Bus

Nov 17 2009 Barcelona, Spain – Brazelona Sessions at Sidecar

Nov 20 2009 Barcelona, Spain – at Culture Barcelona with Filastine and Ilia Mayer

Nov 21 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Rebelup Sound Clash at OCCII with Process Rebel



Jahdan Blakkamoore – Earthshaking

Jahdan is “one of the most versatile vocalists in the world.” Exclaim

Respect to Maga Bo for the production on this.

BUZZROCK WARRIOR is in stores and online now!  iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat, HMV for digital.

Here’s a list of key US retailers; where you can pick up a physical copy of the album:

AKA Music – Philadelphia
Amoeba SF / Berkeley / Hollywood
Angelos – Colorado
Bull Moose – Maine (9 locations)
Cheapo – Minnesota (4 locations)
Criminal Records – Atlanta
Dimple – Sacramento
Disc Exchange – Knoxville, TN
Disc N Dat – Tacoma, WA
Everyday Music – Oregon (Multiple Locations)
Ear Xtacy – Louisville, KY
Easy Street – Seattle, WA
Electric Fetus – Minneapolis / St Paul, MN (2 locations)
Fingerprints – Long Beach, CA
Graywhale – Salt Lake City, UT (7 locations)
Grimeys – Nashville, TN
Park Avenue – Orlando, FL (2 locations)
Twist And Shout – Denver, CO
Independent Records – Colorado (6 locations)
Melody Records – Washington, DC
Music Millenium – Portland, OR
Newbury Comics – New England (Mass/RI/CT)
Other Music – NYC
Rasputins – SF/Bay Area (7 locations)
Salzers – Ventura, CA
Shake It – Cincinnati, OH
Silver Platters – Seattle / Tacoma, WA (3 locations)
Sonic Boom – Washington (2 locations)
Soundgarden – Baltimore, MD
Streetlight – San Jose/Santa Cruz, CA (2 locations)
Vons – Lafayette, IN
Waterloo – Austin, TX
Zia – Arizona + las Vegas (10 locations)

So Mi GoOd FriEnD Maga Bo’s stay inna New York has come to an end but the dance no done till the Water Taxi babylon give us a run.

Friday, September 4th 2009
TOTH @ Water Taxi Beach Queens

DJ Mariano & Cato (Beleza) + Nappy G on percussion. Special guest from Brazil, DJ Maga Bo!! Mago Bo brought the Cumbia, Reggae, Big beat FIRE last year & we’re happy to have him back once again!! Another DJ on the cutting edge of Music from Brazil, Colombia, Latin America & more!! http://www.myspace.com/magabo

Address: #2 Borden Ave in LIC QUEENS. $10 / 8PM – 2AM. Free Water Taxi’s from East 35th Street to the party & back all night!




289 Kent Ave (between. South 1st street & South 2nd street.)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L train to Bedford
11pm – 4am

NY Tropical 8 was a spectacular event. Special thanks to Zuzuka Poderosa and all those crazy dancers. Rupture, Shadetek, Geko blessed the crowd with some incredible sets— so solid, I wished I had recorded all their sets! This time, we are joined by some more incredible deejays and guests, from Rio to Oakland.  MAGA BO, live all the way from his base Rio de Janeiro, will be in the building serving up Transnational Bass and all sort of international heat.  DJ RIPLEY— “lifesaving whirlwind mistress of sonic devastation with hot sauce”– just back from that small, vibrant, and powerful island nation that is responsible for some much of the music we listen and dance to, is going to throw an early set which is guaranteed to to be fantastic— BE ON TIME, PEOPLE. We also have a special live appearance by RHIANNON (songstress from the Subatomic Soundsystem.) Matt Shadetek and I are holding things down for the fam.

cover photo by Amir Ebrahimi amirnyc.com, layout by Matt Shadetek

After a few intense months of beat-making, recording and asking a few favors from friends, DUTTY ARTZ family finished production on Jahdan Blakkamoore‘s debut album, Buzzrock Warrior.  We think its the best thing we’ve ever made, and we’re proud to announce that Gold Dust Media agree with us, as they will be releasing Buzzrock, insuring that our take on Brooklyn Tropical Dubstep  will be heard worldwide.  The album brings together many of the Dutty Artz crew’s interests including dancehall, digital cumbia, grime,dubstep and other delicious tropical sounds.

Jahdan is in fine form throughout singing and chatting over riddims from diverse producers including homegrown tunes by Shadetek and Rupture, ragga techno dons Modeselektor, grime super hero Jammer, the Zizek crew’s Chancha via Circuito and globe trotter Maga Bo.   Dutty Artz extended family 77Klash appears twice on guest vocal duties and provides the gorgeous uncategorizable beat for ‘She Said’ while top grime boy Durrty Goodz goes in hard with JD on ‘Mesmerized’ and Abena Koomson joins in to bring us slowly down on closer ‘Rise Again’.

For an early taste of the vibes check out The General, out now on 12″ with banging dubstep remixes by Noah D. and Marcus Visionary and also look for Jahdan’s appearance, the roots flavored ‘Cash Flow’, on Diplo and Switch’s highly anticipated Major Lazer project available June 16th.

An Interview with Ghislain Poirier from Maga Bo on Vimeo.

Another installation in his excellent and informative mini-doc series, musician and documentarian Maga Bo interviews Ghislain Poirier – he talks about his background, making collaborations and building bridges, exoticism and problems with authenticity, and a lot more.

Bo sez –

With this series of mini-docs, I want to demystify the music production process a bit and bring out the humanity of it.  After all, music is a manifestation of history.  of choices and relationships.  This is common to any art, discipline, individual, group or society.  Through communication, real and imaginary differences and similarities become clearer.  Separatist ghetto exoticism cannot exist in this space.  Tamu juntos e misturados.

You can check the rest of the mini-docs (DJ/rupture, Daniel Haaksman, MC Gringo, Diplo, Fletcher from African Dope, Eritbu Agegnehu Askenaw, Xuman and Keyti) here on Vimeo (better quality) and here on Youtube.

…here’s a jam for everyone who woke up this morning afternoon with a headache. “when the wine is in the wit is out / rasta don’t drink wine”

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/Mistry Babylon.mp3]

The Heptones – Mistry Babylon

Lee Perry produced Mistry Babylon and this next tune, a classic piece of smoky studio genius, wet with echo and reverb. Debra Keese’s gorgeous vocals and lyrics get me every time.

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/Brother Noah – Shadows.mp3]

The Shadows – Brother Noah

Although her vocals are present for much of the tune, Brother Noah is a dub version. Here’s the original for comparision/completists:


Debra Keese – Travelling

I guess Lee Perry is one of the most famous crazy old black men around. Maga Bo was riding his bike on the beach in Rio de Janeiro and looked up — Lee Perry stood there in full regalia, talking to some German girls. He wasn’t in town for a concert or anything, he was just hanging out on Copacabana as if it were the most natural thing in the world and it probably was.

Most of the crazy old black men I see are on the subway, with plastic bags and newspaper scraps. Unthinkably alone. Sometimes with no shoes, sometimes with as many accesories and bonkers sartorial flair as Scratch, The Upsetter, himself.


I don’t know what part of the map you are, and I have no idea what Mohammed Issa Matona (and his backup singers) are singing about on the closing track of Maga Bo‘s Archipelagoes, but I can listen to it for days. It is truly something sublime, something to heat our spirits in this cold, cold wintery blast. Six minutes is really not enough, but it’s all we get & we appreciate it.

Maga Bo – Beni (featuring Mohammed Issa Matona)

Look for Maga Bo dates in Australia and Europe this December and January, one extra special date with his Sonar Calibrado partner Filastine @ Peats  Ridge Festival in New South Wales, Aus.

PS – For those of us lacking knowledge in East African music, Sir Ruptcha recommends this – & a quick historical look at Tanzanian music from Afropop.