100% mynd use

Blue Horse by Bk Adams I Am Art

yesterday i made my first visit to the smithsonian’s museum in anacostia — across the anacostia river from the rest of the district and in many ways a pretty different place from The National Mall where the other smithsonian museums are.

The Walking Exhibit by BK Adams I Am Art

it was the final day of the “Exercise Your Mynd” exhibit by BK Adams I Am Art, a local artist whose work i had seen around. but this was the firs time i saw such a large body (over 50 pieces) of his art, and it really blew me away. he advocates “100% mynd use” to achieve our full creative potential and works with themes of flying, bicycles, scuptures from found stuff, and incredibly detailed colorful paintings.

Fascinating People by BK Adams I Am Art

the pieces are fantastic, so i’ll let them speak for themselves, and urge you to see BK Adams I Am Art if you’re ever able to do so. actually, here’s a somewhat old video of him talking about his work and collaboration with other artists in dc: