Beat Research, Boston 11.29.11

Tomorrow night I will be performing in Boston at Beat Research, alongside of the hosts Wayne and Wax, and DJ Flack (Anthony Flackett).  It is an honor to be a guest at this event. Canyon Cody, founder of Gnawledge records, first introduced me to Wayne’s blog, Wayne and Wax, a couple years ago. From that moment onward I became a loyal reader to Wayne’s in depth ethnomusicological explorations into the contemporary global forms of music.  Truly solid material, a more academic perspective to what is going on today.

Beat Research is an exploration of sound, an emphasis on experimenting/fusing various styles.  It was started in March 2004 at the Enormous Room, which was just recently closed! It has relocated to Good Life, 28 Kingston Street- Downtown Boston. For more information visit: Beat Research.

For those who are unfamiliar with Wayne and Wax, be sure to check out his blog.

The event starts at 9pm and ends at 1am