Dutty Artz Keeps Changing The Mood Lineup: Atropolis

Dutty Artz lineup for tomorrow night (Wednesday April 29) includes a special live set from Atropolis, which you definitely won’t want to miss! Building on his intense collaborative practice and deep connection to dancefloors, you’ll hear fragments of old and new inspirations.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, one of the most diverse places in America. by age 16 Adam “Atropolis” Partridge was deep into sounds from Mali, Nigeria, the Balkans, the Caribbean, and South America and living in the melting pot meant that all those musical communities were nearby.  Since then, he has been committed to making fresh dance music that emerged from the sounds of his native city — a city of immigrants hustling to make old worlds and new worlds dance together (his own family hails from Greek Cyprus).

A founder of the respected Cumba Mela DJ collective, Atropolis has also built on those inspirations in the studio: creating a fresh-to-death amalgamation of sounds, including nueva cumbia, dubstep, moombahton, Afro-Colombian house, and kuduro. Since then, he has expanded on that sound and vision with a slew of tunes and remixes, spending time in Colombia doing grassroots collaborations with acoustic musicians, studying and sharing sounds with the utmost respect, and culminating most recently in the KoraNYC collaboration with Yacoub Sissoko, combining the sounds and expertise of  heroes of the West African tradition of Kora playing with his own experience as an accomplished arranger and multi-instrumentalist.

Check out his live set and prepare to be inspired!