Blackbody Radiate

Ra’s al Ghul – a supervillain from the Batman franchise – possesses a name so auralgenic (I think I just coined that word, btw), it’s a wonder why more emcees haven’t seized the opportunity to use it in verse. If this is indeed a first, we have Dada Powell to thank for finally bringing it to our ears in rhyme form:

Dada Powell – “Dollar Slice of Pizza”

Multidisciplinary artist Jason Lalor aka Dada Powell has a new media rap/design performance coming up on Sunday, May 18th to serve as a sample of a larger work entitled Blackbody Radiation. Super feeling that title, btw – the phenomena of which Yasiin Bey also referred to here. Maybe Powell’s mention is in part a Bey reference as well? Either way, WIDDIT. Check out the description below:

Traditionally, rappers are acknowledged for their literary and lyrical prowess, including their ability to engage listeners with vivid storytelling and performance. But how would the perception of rappers change if their literary skill was matched with an accompanying design methodology? What sorts of performances would emerge from this kind of hybrid rapper / visual designer?

Using new media art as the bridge between design and rap, this thesis aims to address these questions and ultimately establish “rap performance art” as a distinct element of hip-hop culture. Check out the demonstration video.

This performance is a short sample of a much larger project, entitled “Blackbody Radiation.” A brief discussion and Q+A with the artist will accompany each performance.

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