F&^%# You Bloomberg, with Kings, Bells Roar, Mirah, Rebel Diaz, DJ Ripley & DJ Dirty Finger

Whatever your feelings about the new face coming into the New York mayor’s office (and I’m sad but not surprised to see that the familiar real estate gentrification moguls are first at the door), I feel safe saying that the Dutty Artz fam are among the many people happy to see the last of Mayor Bloomberg. His policies (continuing those of the Giuliani era) were viciously harmful to culture, especially to the communities and spaces that we represent, support, and big up with the work we do. Police brutality (including stop&frisk), surveillance, intimidation and harassment of poor, Black and Brown and Muslim people are the lasting legacy, alongside the displacement, waste,  real estate speculation and neglect of affordable housing. All of these put tremendous pressure on the beating hearts of the metro area : the amazing mix of culturally vibrant communities that make this place so special. And that’s even before we get to the anti-nightlife cabaret license shenanigans that shut down even more places for those communities to come together! So good bye and  good riddance.

Before we brace ourselves to fight the next battle, come celebrate the end of an error with Ripley and an all-star cast at the legendary C-Squat, still standing after years of concerted efforts by various administrations to shut it down… at a benefit entitled “F&&%#% YOU BLOOMBERG”

The proceeds go to Milk Not Jails, an organization that is working with local small scale dairy farmers to transform them into a coalition coordinated by a worker cooperative, owned and run by formerly incarcerated people. Money will go to the job training and leadership programs. The goal is to shift the vision of employment in rural NY to self-sustaining farming and away from the prison-industrial complex.

Once inside the party, alongside music you can hear your favorite NYC visionaries roast Bloomberg in between acts, take a swing at the Bloomberg pinata, and enjoy cheap drinks (no word on the size of the cups) and treats too.

7pm – Doors (bgm by The Uzupisians)
8pm – Kings
Bells Roar
8:30pm – Mirah
10:00pm – Rebel Diaz with the RMO horn section
11:00pm – Dance all night to DJ Ripley and DJ Dirty Finger

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