Maracuyeah in Brooklyn: Monday, Jan 14th


We at iBomba are so excited to kick off 2013 this Monday, January 14th with the dope sisters from D.C – Maracuyeah! DJ Bent recently wrote a dutty blogpost about G-Flux’s new tune, Distrito Cósmico , reppin’ the D.C. scene and Maracuyeah’s critical role in uniting people through music and celebrating immigrant cultures in the capital.

The Washington Post had this to say about Maracuyeah’s flow: “Where other DJ nights zero in on one micro-subgenre, Maracuyeah “is never from one people. It’s all mutations of different migrations.”

In an interview on NPR, DJ Mafe (one half of Maracuyeah) said, “”Our idea is to build community,” DJ Mafe says. The two envision a dance floor shared equally by recently arrived immigrants from El Salvador, leftists, hipsters, office workers, punks and anyone else wants to join the party.”

Not to be missed. See you Monday.

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