Picó Picante in Boston & NYC with Riobamba and Svntv Mverte

My monthly party Picó Picante touches down tonight in Boston, bringing the East Coast debut of SVNTV MVERTE, a.k.a. Sines and Panchitron of the Freshmore label and Bombón Houston extended family, to bringing their Tejano border perspective to the club.

This weekend we’re taking full advantage of having SVNTV MVERTE on the East Coast; Saturday we’ll head down to Brooklyn to throw a party at Bizarre, where Selecta K7 hosted Africainoir a few weeks back. I’ll be playing both dates, along with resident Ultratumba, Xicago’s Afroboy, and Picó co-producer and immigrant rights advocate Xo.E.Ling.

The event page for Boston is here, the party will be $5 before 11 PM, and $10 after; the New York page is here, gratis all night.

Here’s a bit more about SVNTV MVERTE from their Día de Muertos mixtape via Remezcla:

“…an underworld where reggaeton acapellas, grime instrumentals, Bobby Shmurda beats, and Dirty South anthems collide.

Paying homage to Mexico’s cult of Holy Death with a Houston twist, Sines and Panchitron soak up and redeliver the sounds of the moment as they bubble up from the underground and intersect with urban Latin and Caribbean moments. The duo lay down melodic, metallic clangs reverberating between DJ Spoko’s minimalist, darkwave Bacardi house, False Witness’ hyperactive hard house dembow, or fellow Tejano Ynfynyt Scroll’s contortion of urbano duo los Teke Teke.

Svntv Mverte have stepped in with a border culture perspective on the underground’s collective enchantment with exploring club music as a euphoric and sometimes exquisitely gritty, overcast place.”

Pico Feb 2015 BK