Jahdan in Accra, Ghana


Jahdan Blakkamoore featuring 77Klash – Best I Ever Had Freestyle

Jahdan’s album Buzzrock Warrior drops in September. In the meantime, we’re setting the Summer on fire with Jahdan’s Bazooka Shot mixtape, which is coming sooner than you think.  The night this freestyle was done, I think the guys (Jahdan, Klash, and Matt) recorded five other tracks, and this was the last one.  It was pure fun.  I gave the instrumental to Matt, he edited/re-shaped it in less than two minutes, Jahdan & Klash went in.  Jahdan was alredy familiar with the hit song by Toronto’s own Drake, and was singing it the minute he heard the beat. I had never heard this song by choice.  Klash wasn’t familiar with it, so he start singing Radiohead’s “Climbing the Walls,” and I was like yeah! Anyway, the vibe at Casa de la Jones (Geko Jones’ home-studio, where it all goes down) was great, and everyone was having a good time.  We’re doing it again next week, putting the finishing touches on the Bazooka Shot tape.  Jahdan and Klash are going in again, and they might be remixing, freestyling, covering whatever tune they feel like again.


  1. I’ve always been apprehensive about how that word is used too.

    But watching Jahdan work there’s really no other word for it. There’s the songs he goes home and writes, the ones he cuts and pastes from verses in his rhyme book, the ones he outlines in the studio and improvises on and ones like this, where he just walks up to the mic and it flows

    We’re not on the radio here tho so we can go back and put on the finishing touches on a tune after the fact. 2 cents from one auto-tune hater to another.

  2. craaazy.

    Y;all (& JahDan) might like to know that “Nice Green” is always well-received when I play it in Kingston. Club Djs especially ask me about it.

  3. Yes fam , as soon as i got this link in my email , i loved the riddim!! An w jahdan & klash on it , bwoy!! forgettaboutit!!

    BOOM BAM BAM!!!!

    Scandinavia rates Jahdan!!

    1. j.t.r

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