The ‘Prendelo’ video + MPeach feature on Sounds and Colours

MPeach is a Latina del futuro, a Latin of the future, as she titles one of her latest tracks. The future however feels like a question, about what once was and what still is Latin America today. Maybe the answer is in her lyrics, sensual and street-wise, straight out of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela…

MPeach premiered the third video in her 10 song audio-visual album set on Sounds and Colours this week. It’s a video featuring live performance footage of her Changa-Tuki inspired tune “Prendelo”. They also expanded their coverage of MPeach’s vision with a really nice profile, quoted above.

Read the rest on their website, check out the video for “Prendelo” below, and check out all the videos from Malania already up on