No Waiting

It’s that time of year in Budapest. Sunglasses, legs, and the wonderful ice cold soda water and white wine fröccs. If there’s anything in the youth landscape here that says “emerging economy” its the prevalence of a water downed wine drink that comes in (according to a friend) ten ratios including the “artist’s” which is 1 part wine to 9 parts water. It’s hard to imagine why I’ve spent a minute inside since the temperature hit 70 a few days ago…

Listening to the amazing set of mixes that Gex and Lamin and Matt have put out in the last month made me get over my turntable fetish and start fucking with Ableton….. Samizdat is the result. I dare you to find or put out another mix that includes both drone-doom gods Earth and Times Square Blue evoking Leif


(CTRL+CLICK the “Audio MP3” button to DL)

“Samizdat” tracklist:
So So Gutter – Hatescrwen
De Tropix – TapTap
Busy Signal -Murderer (w/ Alborosie)
Lorn – Requiem (Ft. Mobb Deep)
Verbal – (Prefuse 73 Dipped in Chrome Cadillac Remix)
Red Cafe- Hottest in the Hood
Viento Calido – Cumbia Titanic
I Get It In (Inst)
Serani – No Games
DJ Miguelon -Cada Vez RMIX Cumbia The Version (Biggup the indefatigable Ghetto Bass Quake for this and Titanic)
Leif- Timbs (Neon Coyote Slow Jam)
Jet Black – Hood Nigga (Lazer Swords Remix)
Sonido Changa- Cumbia De Los Amigos
Earth- Teeth of Lions Rule the Devine
L-Vis 1990 – Flux
I love NY – (Baobinga’s Fuck U Mix)
Jahdan – Go Round Payolla (Bye HAters Shadetek Remix)
G-Sidez – Hit Da Block ( Feat Shyft)
Taliesin – Damn

This is a promo mix of sorts for my upcoming UK tour- which I’ll throw a reminder for when closer to the date- but so far looks like this…

May UK Tour (with a quick trip to Austria)
02. Sibin Festival DUBLIN
09  The Old Bell DERBY
13  Hardknock at The Social LDN
15  Absolutely Free Festival GRAZ, Austria
16- Nuke Them All LDN
23- Cosies BRISTOL


  1. yo! @dunsworth you want to send me some mkII’s in budapest and a full copy of pro tools thx!

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