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Good friend and fellow bass fiend The Crooked Clef has the best taste of any of the  bloggers writing over at Trash Menagerie. He also does serious damage behind his Traktor pulled decks. He has  been putting out a semi-regular series called Trash in the Bassment-  check last edition’s tropical deluge for confirmation of the mans skills and taste. His latest goes all  house-y in that way that I get embarrassed about loving. But believe- this is a HEAVY HEAVY mix that I can imagine going off at Night Slugs or any of the other gutter house/heavy bass parties that you can find out in the wide wide world. Below find Vol VI


01. Hot City – Set Me Free (Available on Boomkat)
02. Black Box – I Don’t Know (Kingdom Remix) ((Trash Menagerie))
03. Emynd – Hold It Down 2009 ((Crossfaded Bacon))
04. Scottie B & King Tutt – African Chant (Top Billin’ Remix) ((Get Weird Turn Pro))
05. DJ Master-D – Mad Drumz (Curb Crawlers)
06. Zombie Disco Squad – Banton Boot (Curb Crawlers)
07. L-Vis 1990 – Come Together (Available on Beatport)
08. Dre Skull – I Want You (Bok Bok Remix) ((Available on Beatport))
09. Star Eyes – Happy Haus (Exclusive Star Eyes mix for Trash Menagerie)
10. CT Burners & Jubilee – Kick It (Birthday Party Berlin)
11. Norrit – Feel the Rhythm (Dubbel Dutch Remix) ((Discobelle))
12. Buraka Som Sistema (Feat. Petty) – D…D…D…D…Jay (Poligono Big Pachanga Remix) ((Curb Crawlers))
13. Mavado – Blessed (De Tropix Remix) ((Mad Decent))
14. DJ Rupture – Cumbia De Las Piratas (Refix) ((Mudd Up))
15. Amadou & Miriam – Sabai (Uproot Andy Remix) ((Ghetto Bassquake))
16. Cooly G – Narst (Available on Boomkat)

P.S. Love to see how dude is straight up with the provenance of his work… INTEGRITY


  1. Mix looks great, lookin fwd to listen. WTF is that image at top? Killer! I sat and watched it build for many minutes hypnotized.

  2. I havnt “been” to second life yet- but i am always wanting to go… projects like second life trash dump make it sound amazing- but i think its mostly just people walking around and ocasionally having cyber friendship/sex

    ““In Second Life each avatar has a trash folder. Items, that get deleted end up in that folder by default. The trash folder has to get emptied as often as possible, otherwise the avatars performance might diminish. But, where do deleted things end up? What are those things? And, would avatars care to bring their trash to
    the dump instead of just hitting the “delete” button? To find out we bought 4096 sq.m. of land in Second Life on Nov.5, 2007 and started a public plein-air dumpster.”

  3. “has the best taste of any of the bloggers writing at Trash Menagerie”. That’s all a matter of opinion now isn’t it? ;) Some have given our PD Williams a lot of love and its not all bass heavy. .

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