I heard Alice Russell‘s “Hurry On Now” at a party at Howard University earlier this year. The Boub instrumental sounds modest, generic even, but it’s also captivating and flawless under Ms. Russell’s voice which is really engrossing and powerful. This song was stuck in my head for several months. A friend who was at the same Howard party identified it for me.

Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (Boub Remix)

Alice Russell – Hurry On Now

Click here for more pictures of Ms. Russell holding a bunch of bananas.


  1. Matt, I was only going to post the remix, but the horns and keys on the original melted my heart away.

    Haha, mm… the bananas are for you Rupture, get your potassium! it’s essential!!

  2. Hey, thanks for using my picture and posting a link ! Most people would just ‘steal’ the image :-) Feel free to keep using it here.

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