We’ve decided to throw a last minute benefit show to help make a financial contribution to the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti. If you’ve followed this at all it is an absolutely harrowing, horrible catastrophe that has befallen a place that was already a very difficult place to live for many people. The show is in only two days so PLEASE email this to your friends in New York, put it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. and help us get the word out. We as DJs will not be taking any payment from this and the proceeds will be donated to charity. We are currently seeking expert advice on who to donate it to, suggestions are welcome.



DJ Rupture
Matt Shadetek
Lamin Fofana
Feliz Cumbe

THIS Saturday 1/16 10PM


Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
$10. More is welcome: All proceeds donated to Haitian relief


  1. This looks great—I think donations will probably be best used by organizations that already have operations bases (however devastated those bases are now) on the ground in Haiti. and are two major organizations already deep in the response (and trying to get the status of their own crews who were operating there before the earthquake).

    I hope to see you guys Saturday!

  2. the un is taking (tax-deductible, secure) donations by card and check through unicef, the world food program, the world health organization, and the central emergency response fund (cerf).

    cerf is the best place you can give to right now b/c they specifically do rapid disaster and first response relief and have people on the ground to make things happen…

    many of my colleagues here at the un and the various missions made personal donations in the last 2 days to cerf. member states are also putting money into the same fund.

    here is some more info on what cerf does in haiti:

    thanks for getting this together.

  3. blah, if its posted anyway, end of comment: I worked for SNEP, national potable water service, who moniter & improve water quality. all good people who always need $ for equipment (everything they got is ngo hand me downs) esp needed now. maybe try sending $ direct to some of these gov agencies, kinda like reparations for our buying their wacko french slavery debt.

  4. 1. Servicio Jesuita para Refugiados y Migrantes (Jesuit Service for Refugees and Immigrants)

    To Donate:Please deposit payments in the bank account: Banco Popular, Centro Bonó, 734510795


    If the payment is in check form, make the check out to “Centro Bonó”.

    Contact for donations:

    Ana Coronado

    Encargada de Investigación

    Centro Jesuita de Refugiados

    (809) 682-4448

    For more information:

    – Bonó: (809) 682-4448; (809) 688-1646

    – Centro Hurtado, Servir-D: (809) 535-2977

    – Centro Bellarmino: (809) 582-6998

    – CEFASA: (809) 736-8272

    – Solidaridad Fronteriza: (809) 579-8993

    – Dirección electrónica:;

    2. Partners in Health (PiH)

    PiH is widely considered the best health aid organization in Haiti, where they have a large highly trained staff, nearly all Haitian. Perhaps most important, their facilities are located in various rural places outside Port au Prince, and were not damaged by this quake, so they were able to respond immediately and are better positioned to help than many organizations whose own staff and facilities were direct victims.

    To Donate:


  5. Thanks for doing this show. Its great that you raised so much money and I had a great time too. Also, one question about a tune in Matt’s set. I’m a little hazy on it now, but it was somewhere near the middle of the set and was kind of fast paced, hard beats, a woman’s voice, with a sort of “rrroom rroom” kind of lyric somewhere in there. Not very good description, I know but if you’re able to figure it out from this, I dug the tune and would like to find out more about the artist.

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