My daytime employer Dubspot is sponsoring this event at Love with a who’s who of bearded NY dub guys (including your’s truly) at Love. It’s on 9/11, a date easy to remember if not for pleasant reasons. Jahdan will be in the building and we’ll do some songs together and I’ll be throwing some wamp at the Love sound system. It should be a lot of fun.

Dub Gabriel
Matt Shadetek
DJ Kiva

MCs: Jahdan Blakkamoore & Infinity

Where: Love 40 W. 8th St. New York, NY 10012
Sept. 11th, 2010 $5 before 11PM, $10 after
Sponsored by Dubspot, Halcyon, Konkrete Jungle and

Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio
Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio

Me and Lamin are both working at Dubspot now and we are doing a new radio show out of the Dubspot basement!  It’s being streamed and podcasted.  Subscribe at the original post!

Our first guests on the Dubspot Radio Podcast are two New York heavyweights: Dave Q and Badawi.  Dave Q has played a pivotal role in bringing Dubstep to NYC through his respected Dub War parties and his forward looking DJ sets.  Badawi aka Raz Mesinai is a long time participant in many mutant strains of dub music in NY and internationally and has now teamed up with Dave Q to start The Index, their new label project.  Among his many activities Raz is also an instructor here at Dubspot teaching students to produce in Ableton Live.  The broadcast contains a mix by Dave Q playing from Serato followed by a short set from Raz on Ableton and at the end an interview with host Matt Shadetek.

Check out the mix and interview on Dubspot’s soundcloud:

Dubspot Radio Podcast: Ep. 1 Dave Q & Badawi by Dubspot

This just landed in my inbox, a big dubstep mix of a new dub tune by foundation artist U-Roy produced by Dub Gabriel. Ming of Ming & FS and Subatomic Sound System teamed up on the remix and it sounds tuff, downloadable below.  There’s also a cool little video with Ming and Emch of Subatomic talking about the process of making the remix and breaking down the remixing process, talking some arranging science for dancefloors and more, always cool to see people pulling back the curtain and helping to share the knowledge.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy-Luv n’ Liv ( Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System Remix)-FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS

Friend of Dutty Artz Timeblind also turned in a mix which is a little deeper (as you will expect by now if you know the man) and very nice but not downloadable, you’ll have to buy that one.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy-Luv n’ Liv ( Timeblind Remix) by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS

Picture 008

[Salon Calavera]



This weekend I’ll be performing at the 3-city Mictlan Dub Festival, alongside Adrian Sherwood, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, and various local DJs and bands in each city. Things kicked off last night with a screening of the Dub Echoes documentary followed by a Q&A with me in the incredible Salon Calavera in the center of Mexico City. SKULL SALON. Mictlan, by the way, is an Aztec concept involving the proper path taken on the way to Death.

I’m looking forward to these dates. In NYC sometimes people ask me to do ‘cumbia’ sets, so it’s quite fitting that in Mexico I’m asked to do a special set presenting my interpretation of ‘dub’. I’ll be playing out a lot of stuff I rarely play out. Dub classicists beware!: much as I love Tubby & Co., I’m hostile to canonical interpretations/reiterations of dub…

Picture 005

[Salon Calavera, roof view]

for info–

Nov 27 – Puebla Cholula

Nov 28 – Mexico City

Nov 29 – Guadalajara


[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]

“Lee Perry’s ‘Blackboard Jungle: From Dub to Dubstep'”

A mini documentary featuring Lee Scratch Perry, Subatomic Sound System, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Dubblestandart (plus interview footage with Rusko and live clips of Jahdan with Major Lazer)

1973, Jamaica.  2009, to the world!  The story of the seminal dub album “Blackboard Jungle” from Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby that was cornerstone of the dub music craze that would extend around the world.  In 2009 Vienna’s dub masters Dubblestandart called on Perry to revisit the vibes.  This collaboration stretched around the globe to involve New York City’s dub scientists Subatomic Sound System & rising reggae vocal talent Jahdan Blakkamoore, and resulted in the first ever original dubstep tunes from Lee Scratch Perry plus a journey back into the Blackboard Jungle!



The Spit Brothers – Roll And Tumble (Bakir And Dubsworth’s VIP Mix)

Amazing new release from Dubs Alive! This is the B-side, pure sweetness, guitar, melodica rolling on top some clean/almost too perfect subs, great drums & percussion sounds too! West Coast badman DZ (I have been enjoying his tunes for a good minute now) blessed the A-side with two rootsy riddims, and “Jah Prayer” is excellent, absolutely marvelous.  Check for the Spits Brothers “Roll and Tumble” original version here, along with their other great tunes. Also, keep an eye out for Bakir and Dubsworth.



Jackie Mittoo – Ayatollah


The Willows – Moses Version


Barington Levy – Rock and Come In Scientist Extended Mix

If you like these shattered songs, do come in early tomorrow! I’ve got loads more (rare vinyls in digital format), and I plan to to play a dub-heavy set tomorrow night, 10PM – 11:30-ish.  I might drop in two or three recent favorites/freshness, but I’d like to keep it 97% dusty and mystical! Also, I don’t feel the pressure/anxiousness I felt last/first time I deejayed (although NY Tropical 6 was quite massive!) The nervousness is dissolving, and quickly being replaced by excitement and optimism.  If I lapse into a state of irreverence or just absolute enjoyment… I’m only letting the music take over.  Reality is hard right now, goal is to get lifted and transported. Enjoyment!

As you all probably may know I teach at DubSpot in NYC teaching people to make beats with Logic. For Dubspot’s second anniversary Dan who runs it is doing some parties. This one should be great, Rupture and I will be there DJing. Of special interest, at least to me, is the early sound-check session where dub master Scientist will be giving a talk about mic placement and general production/mixing wizardry before the show. The daytime seminars, including one with Rupture, should be very cool too.

dubspot 2yr sunday flyer_05

Sunday 6.28:


Performing with Live: ‘Taking Ableton on Stage’

11am > Coffee with Marley

12-1:30pm > Jon Margulies: DJ / Live PA – Hybrid Sets with the Akai APC40

1:30-2:30pm > DJ Rupture: Integrating Live Instruments

2:30-3:30pm > Late Lunch w/ MONO: 365 DJ Pack Giveaway

3:30-4:30pm > Peter Kirn: Controllers for Live

4:45-5:45pm > Barry Cole: My Tracks Are Banging… Now What?

6:00-7:00pm > Scientist meets Badawi – Dub Mixing


*Hi Fidelity DubSpot Sessions / DubSpot 2 Year Anniversary Party #3*

* 7:30 – 9:00pm ‘Soundcheck with Scientist’ & Dub is a Weapon (Workshop)

——–general admission—————

**9:00 – 10:00pm Badawi Live!

10:00 – 10:45pm Scientist Mixing Dub is a Weapon Live!

10:45 – 11:30 DJ Kiva

11:30 – 12:15am Scientist Mixing Dub is a Weapon Live! Part 2

12:15 – 2 am Gold Dust Presents: DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek

* $25 7:30pm – 2am ‘Soundcheck with Scientist’

** $15 9:00pm – 2am Hi Fidelity DubSpot Sessions

The new mix from Waer Rock is so good, it required a new category – and we’re calling it “noir noir.” Packed with unreleased cuts from artists you probably never heard before, it’s titled The Downbeat Treaty. Head over to Culture System for download, tracklist, and info.


Here’s a quick reminder of some Dutty Artz movements around the globe this weekend.
NY TROPICAL is in Brooklyn tonight w/ very special live guest 77Klash and Fader magazine writer and DJ Eddie Stats, tomorrow Geko Jones is ripping San Francisco w/ Chief Boima, Taliesin is in Glasgow tonight wrapping up his European trek, and DJ /rupture is shaking down Berlin w/ The Bug, Kid606, Sick Girls – also check for him tomorrow at Bercelona Primavera Sound. Feast your eyes on some visual delights/peep the fliers:

Gucci Mane

I keep on hearing voices/Telling me to ball, so I keep on buying Porsches/My watch’s like a portrait, Gorgeous!

Gucci Mane – Gorgeous

Gucci Mane is one of the most interesting figures in rap music at the moment, and he’s suffering not only from the general psychosis of being dope but also severe auditory hallucinations.  I downloaded “Gorgeous” from cocaine blunts several weeks back, and I just got around to  hearing it. According to Noz ““Gorgeous” finds him walking the line between language and commerce obsession by way of voices in his head. We’ve heard the balling as a compulsion defense but never the full on insanity claims.” The beat is great as well, providing a perfect background for the experience that is Gucci Mane.

F*** The Recession, my bank accounts are pregnant!

& & &

Augustus Pablo – Africa Dub

Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free By 1983

To bring us back to reality, away from Gucci Mane and the Hearing Voices movement, here’s Augustus Pablo’s “Africa Dub”, plus the original tune “Africa Must Be Free By 1983” by Hugh Mundell, a teenage prodigy, who died far too early (1962-1983~ shot to death in Kingston while driving a car with Junior Reid.)  Hugh Mundell wrote and recorded several albums, some of which were produced by Augustus Pablo. I have yet to hear them.

Speaking of unheard/undiscovered Jamaican reggae – Props to Professor Wayneandwax for the heads up & review. I ordered Dub: Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae from Amazon weeks ago, and still haven’t received it.


Pulshar – Ashmatic

Pulshar‘s Brotherhood has been in heavy rotation lately.  It has some spectacular tunes I return to time and again, but frankly I listen the album in its entirety perhaps more than I should.  We like to keep things dutty and heavy here, but a little clean, beautiful, soulful tech-dub from Bercelona is appreciated.  We played “Mr Money Man” on Tax Day (4/15) on Mudd Up! with DJ Rupture, a show you can also stream here.  Update: I’ve changed the tune from “Mr Money Man” to “Ashmatic” for a good reason.  “Ashmatic” is also part of the excellent Babylon Fall Collection.