Our friend Daniel Perlin (a.k.a. N-Ron, but you’ll soon know him as Merlin) is throwing a crazy end of year houseparty at a space in downtown Brooklyn – Please join us in celebrating the amazing year that was 2011 and the arrival of 2012! Help us push away the spirit of apocalypse… He’s gone and invited the incredible Ripley, yrs truly, and some special guests. MORE details after Saul Williams, c. the year two thousand:

[youtube width=”525″ height=”25″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHatA0OgMD0[/youtube]
Saul Williams – Penny For A Thought

Join Hosts dp, kwonix, Ezio and Danielle in celebrating the time-shift from 2011 to the year 2012

with DJ’s Merlin, Ripley, Lamin Fofana, + Special Guests.

1 night only, we are taking over The Loading Dock at 170 Tillary Street. This is a sacred space, to be treated with a proper party! To scare away the oncoming doom, we have everything, well, almost everything we need:

MUSIC– Be prepared to dance. Sounds from everywhere to make you move.
LIGHTS– The most fabulous light system ever. It moves to the beat. It has switches for on and off!
FOG– Yes. Fog. Even Kurtz could hide in our fog!
DRINK– We have some. Bring more!
BUBBLE MACHINE– 2012 in with style. Bubble style.
HOT TUB– What more do we have to say. We have a brand spankin new hot tub in the and indoor/outdoor space. Never leave the boat. But you should know how to swim.
What we need: YOU! and a guest.
Please RSVP. We want to make sure we have all the necessary powers in order for an amazing time.
Space is limited, though time is not…

We recommend a donation. you can also bring drinks. You can also do both!

Please be prepared to dance in 2012! Apocalypse Later will only work when the ritual is complete!

Thanks, we all look forward to hearing from you, seeing you and celebrating 2012 in fine style.

dp and the crew!

7PM TONIGHT! I’m starting a new radio hour on WFMU 91.1 FM in New York and 90.1 in the Hudson Valley! As Jace mentioned on Monday, I have a slot on WFMU’s Winter 2012 schedule. My show is right before Jace/Rupture’s Mudd Up which means you’ll have 2 HOURS OF DUTTY, & etc!

WFMU is a wonderful institution. The longest running freeform, independent community radio station in the United States! I’m excited and very much looking forward to doing this once a week this winter! We’ll staying true to WFMU’s commitment to unstructured-format broadcasting, and we’re going everywhere all the time. Listen in.


We’ll do our best to give you good apocalypse in 2012. Our ice cream comes in 5 flavors: regular black, mudd, noir noir, soft bop, and dust bowl.


The first show in Mudd Up Radio’s new Wednesday night time slot is now streaming! SOAP BLEACH SOFTENERS. Gentle beginnings. New music from Cauto, Vladislav Delay, Ghanain gospel, Erothug, and, yes, Lana del Rey:

WFMU’s Winter 2012 schedule shuffle means that, starting this week, Lamin Fofana will host a show right before me on Wednesdays! We’ll do our best to give you good apocalypse in 2012. Our ice cream comes in 5 flavors: regular black, mudd, noir noir, soft bop, and dust bowl.

December 7, 2011, Mudd Up! w/ DJ Rupture on WFMU – tracklist:


This month Sweat Lodge is falling a week later than usual on Friday 12/16.  Our good friends over at Turrbotax asked us for a date swap and we were happy to oblige!  This month our guest is Jubilee, a long time friend of Dutty Artz.  I’ve been wanting to get her to play Sweat Lodge but what with her hectic touring schedule and all was never able to make it happen… Till now!  She’ll be supported by your handsome residents Matt Shadetek (me), Chief Boima, Lamin Fofana and Taliesin.  It should be a lively affair.

˙∆ INFOS ∆˙




Matt Shadetek

Chief Boima

Lamin Fofana




Friday Dec. 16th 10PM-4AM


at The Cove, 108 N. 6th St, Brooklyn NY.  Take the L train to Bedford or G to Lorimer and walk.



Join us for an intimate night of sound & celebration on Saturday, December 3rd @ Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn (L to Graham). Mint tea, dates, and homemade deliciousness will be served.

We are celebrating the release of Nettle’s new album on Sub Rosa, El Resplandor: The Shining in Dubai. (get it at: iTunes Amazon Boomkat eMusic actual record stores, etc)

“Dubai may be a cipher masquerading as a city, but it’s not a complete blank slate unencumbered by theoretical and contextual baggage, and El Resplandor depicts it as you might expect: ancient and dignified ‘Middle Eastern’ airs buffeted by howls of the ghosts in modernity’s machine. This is not to say that the album is merely conventional, however, for El Resplandor contains some of /Rupture’s most vivid and striking music… provocative and as chilling as anything in the real Shining” – Peter Shapiro, The Wire Nov 2011

Sat. December 3rd: Nettle (live), Lamin Fofana (dj). Vaudeville Park, 26 Bushwick Ave. Bklyn. doors at 8:30pm $8. Come early warm bodies shining ghosts.

To celebrate our ongoing monthly Sweat Lodge party series at The Cove in Brooklyn (next edition next Friday Nov. 4th! info below) and to give all you unfortunates who haven’t been able to attend yet a taste of the magic I’ve recorded a new DJ mix.  It’s mixed live on Serato Itch which is something new I’ve been trying out – button pushing based DJing instead of vinyl control records – and I had a lot of fun creating it.  There are some mistakes and in the spirit of human imperfection and because I’m too lazy to edit them out I left them in.  It’s kind of representative of the drunk madness that goes down at Sweat Lodge anyway.  Although I was not drunk when I recorded this I swear.  The focus is on the Dutty Artz fam and catalog with a bunch of new and unreleased tunes and remixes from the crew.  Enjoy!

Matt Shadetek – Sweat Lodge Exorcist Mix by mattshadetek



matt shadetek sweat lodge exorcist

Cover art by Talacha!  Thanks homie!




Friday Nov. 4th 10PM-4AM


Matt Shadetek


Lamin Fofana


at The Cove

108 N. 6th St. Brooklyn NY
Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge Flier for November



Track List:

1. Matt Shadetek – Sweat Lodge Exorcist Intro
2. Tod Dockstader – Electronic Pieces (8): Part 1
3. William S. Burroughs – Last Words With Ras I. Zulu
4. Dj Eridson, Mzee, Kampi Moto – Umoja [2012]  (Remix made Angola)
5. Nguzunguzu – Strut (Lamin Fofana Remix)
6. Floetry – Say Yes (Kingdom Remix)
7. Sorie Kondi – No Money No Family (Chief Boima Remix)
8. Atropolis – Mbria Funk
9. Contakt & Mayster – Korak
10. Contakt & Mayster – Korak (Matt Shadetek 3Ball Remix)
11. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (DJ Rodriguez 3Ball 2011 Remix)
12. Joelito – Sickhead
13. Antony Santos – Vete (Uproot Andy Moombachata Remix)
14. Geko Jones & Reaganomics – Las cuatro palomas Remix
15. DJ Arafat – 5500 Volt
16. Cajmere – It’s Time for The Percolator (Chief Boima Coupe Decale Remix)
17. Kalup Linzy feat. James Franco – Rising (Cardopusher Remix)
18. Appietus – Miss Doctor (Secret Agent Gel Remix)
19. Maxwell D – Out The Window
20. Dubble Dutch – Mad Loopz
21. Gunselectah – Villa Ghetto (Matt Shadetek Remix)
22. Nguzunguzu – Timesup
23. Robzilla ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore – World Keeps Spinning
24. Luisa Maita – Lero Lero (DJ Rupture Remix)
25. Active Child ft. How To Dress Well – Playing House
26. ASAP Rocky – Peso



Filmed by Atropolis and edited by Erik Marika Rich:



Check this short video shot at Sweat Lodge by Atropolis and 2Melo and edited by Erik Marika Rich.


Next Friday September 9th we’re back at the Cove for another Dutty Artz family reunion.  I’d just like to say thanks so much to everyone who came and partied and played at the last one, especially Uproot Andy and 2Melo, I really enjoyed it and I think it was maybe our best attended party yet. For the next one we’ve got Chicago’s own DJ NewLife who has been running one of Chicago’s best tropical/whateverbass parties flying in to drop some bombs for us AND DA’s own Taliesin is back in the states after a crazy world traveling year spent in Brazil, Jamaica and South Africa (and many places in between).  Chief Boima is also back in the building after his own travels in Africa, if you were there for the last one he was dropping some crazy music from Liberia that really caught my attention and I’m eagerly waiting to hear what he’ll play this time.  Lamin Fofana is also re-joining us and I’m equally excited to hear what he’ll pull out with the new DJ setup he’s using, hopefully including some of the new crazy techno-ish stuff he’s been producing.  As usual I will be there DJing, selling hats, shirts and CDs and of course getting drunk and yelling over my friends DJ sets.


Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge

The Cove 108 N. 6th St, Brooklyn (L to Bedford Subway Stop)

Friday Sept. 9th 10PM-4AM

Free Admission!


DJ NewLife

Chief Boima


Lamin Fofana

Matt Shadetek


RSVP on Facebook here.




Let’s party!  Next Sweat Lodge we’ve got some old and new friends joining us.  2Melo, who is part of Atropolis Cumba Mela crew has been heating up Brooklyn’s warehouses, boats and other strange places for the past few years and I’ve had a blast every time that I’ve played with him.  It was actually through a couple of gigs around Brooklyn with Cumba Mela that I got to know Atropolis and his music which lead to his release on DA.  Lamin Fofana needs no re-introduction to readers of these pages and will be re-joining us after a hiatus. I understand he’s been working on a new set including some of his own new productions so I’m very excited to hear that.  Finally Uproot Andy who was a resident at Sweat Lodge’s big sister New York Tropical and is fresh off his recent tour of Europe and Summer Stage appearance will be returning to rock with us, so it’s a family reunion of sorts.  I’ll be there too, of course but taking the early warm up this time to make room for our guests.

RSVP on Facebook



Uproot Andy


Lamin Fofana

Matt Shadetek



Friday, August 12th 10PM-4AM


The Cove 108 N. 6th St. (L train to Bedford)




Last Monday’s radio show is now streaming. I selected the tunes but hiccuping Casablanca wireless meant that last-minute I couldn’t add my voice — co-pilot Lamin Fofana helped out on that end.

you can subscribe to the Mudd Up! podcast for downloadable versions, issued a week after FM broadcast: , Mudd Up! RSS. Also useful: WFMU’s free iPhone app. We also have a version for Android (search for “WFMU” in the marketplace).

tracklist: (more…)

Tomorrow, I’m kicking off my Sunday morning radio show on WFMU! All summer long, 9am to noon – I’ll be playing music, noise, and whatnots on WFMU 91.1 and 90.1 MHz FM. For the past couple of years, I provided extra oils to keep Rupture’s Mudd Up! wheels greased proper, all the while filling in, co-operating, and board-opping for everyone from Rob Weisberg to Glen Jones, and now I got a three-hour spot on the longest running freeform, independent community radio station in the United States! The show doesn’t have a name, and for now we’re just calling it Lamin. If you have a good name suggestion, let’s hear it! As for a description, let’s just say we’re staying true to WFMU’s commitment to unstructured-format broadcasting. Go here to stream my last Sunday morning broadcast.


10PM – 4AM
CAFE NUNEZ – 240 W. 35th St. (Between 7 & 8th Ave.) NEW YORK, NY
Cover $10
Special $5 well drink till 12
Complimentary cocktails for 1st 20 ladies…
couPe decAle zouK house hipHop r&B danceHall Raï kwaiTo zouGlou kaPouka genGe maRRabenta kiZomba KuDuro pandZa soUKous nDombolo hipLife mBalaX salSa… cot damn! whatevEr uLTra afriKaNess pluS pluS!

& bug out to this!

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n66-Uhf0nT4[/youtube]


If you haven’t seen Nettle yet now is your last chance for awhile. We’ve also invited the Seoul-based trio of Cha, Jung, and Sim. The three women are Korean traditional music virtuosos who’ll be sharing their very intense, very far out take on Sinawi and Sanjo ritual music. And Dutty Artz Recording Artiste Lamin Fofana is gonna debut his hybrid live/DJ performance. So come explode with us, this evening will be special.

Seungmin Cha, Eunsun Jung, Woonjung Sim
Lamin Fofana (DJ)
Vaudeville Park, 26 Bushwick Ave, Bklyn (L: Graham ave.)
Sat., April 9, 2011 8:30pm $5


We’re back at Gallery Bar for the second edition of Made In Africa this Thursday – the night of birthday celebrations! It’s Boima’s birthday, so do come out and show him love. Birthday boy Chief Boima and yours truly will be deck, supplying you homegrown and international heat and oil as we say farewell to Winter in America, Harmattan in West Africa, etc. and greet (slightly) warmer/dizzy/better seasons!

Made In Africa // Facebook RSVP
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
Gallery Bar
120 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
21+ // $5 Cover // $5 Well Drinks until midnight!

& now – Gaddafi’s epic meltdown, THE TRANCE REMIX:

[youtube width=”525″ height=”393″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBY-0n4esNY[/youtube]

So this Thursday, January 27th, Chief Boima and yours truly, along some good friends from Garbon, Ivory Coast, and  Madgascar will kick off a new party in the southeastern part of Manhattan Island (a neighborhood commonly referred to as the Lower East Side of Manhattan borough) at Gallery Bar (art gallery by day, and lounge/party space when its dark.) We’ll be joined by very special guest, founder of Akwaaba Music and DJ, BBrave. Facebook RSVP.

Going Africa and Beyond. Though I won’t be popping champagne like my Ghanaian brothers Ruff-N-Smooth (they have all the money and the honeys!) I will be playing their music.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”393″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etFHI594-rE&feature=player_embedded#![/youtube]