Sticky‘s “Jumeirah Riddim” has been out for some time. It is a massive tune that has appeared on several dope funky mixes.  This Natalie Storm version titled “Look Pon Me” is simply undeniable – sweet, catchy bashment/funky monster.  & don’t sleep, look for the 12″ out on Mixpak – it boasts a Dexplicit remix, guaranteed heat!

[vimeo width=”524″ height=”393″]http://www.vimeo.com/4318336[/vimeo]

The world will be tested by Texas Instruments and English diction…

One of my favorite bands released an album sometime in mid-2009, and I’m only coming across it/listening to it now. They have been gone for so long, and their buzz so quiet now. Nevertheless, it’s great to see Tjinder Singh & Co. return with more brilliant tunes. When I Was Born for the 7th Time is their most cited album and it’s charm is undeniable, a true classic— but (in high school and college) I found myself listening to Handcream for a Generation and Woman’s Gotta Have It more than anything else. 



Roll Deep – When I’m Ere

Legendary East London grime collective Roll Deep compile some of their best songs from the last seven, or eight, years.  The first half of the set is just stunning– amazing, consistent, commercial-free bangers. There is a disconnect somewhere in the middle of the set, the pop tunes (proto-commercial grime?) kick in, and it’s distracting but you’ll forgive them once hear “Terrible”- one of the groups earliest, if not their first track as Roll Deep crew. It’s essential.

Real talk from one of my favorite DJs in the UK Funky scene. In this interview by Blackdown Marcus Nasty speaks out in his traditional opinionated way about why he thinks the grime scene died and the way forward for UK Funky which he has become one of the leading DJs in. I enjoy Marcus sets because as a fellow post-grime person he is playing house but keeping it raw. I love the new UK funky sounds and have been playing a lot of it and find that it is even leading me into some of the smoother stuff but basically I still like raw, percussive, heavy tunes. Getting into a lot of what people think of as ‘normal house’ is just too far for me and a lot of the DJs coming from there into funky play too smooth for me. Marcus has (or has had, he’s sounding a little more mature now) a rep for being a big muscle-y dude who will beat you up and you can tell he’s pretty unconcerned about offending anyone which lends a certain truthiness to this interview.

Marcus Nasty Interview at Blackdown.



Eve – Me-n-My (Up In The Club) (Produced by Benga and Salaam Remi)

The original beat is “E Trips” from Benga‘s 2008 album Diary of An Afro Warrior. Salaam Remi is known as Nasir Jones’ beat supplier, essentially his main/most consistent producer for the better half of this decade. Salaam links Benga and Eve together, slightly altering and reworking Benga’s beat for Eve‘s voice.  It’s a perfect connection, and the result is great… but I remain a bit ambivalent for some reason. Anyway, this is the first leak (that’s what we call singles nowadays) from her long overdue album now titled Flirt.

= summer.

in London we have mangy urban wheat fields where one can sit and hear passing subs through the bones.

and on that topic,

stush has been around for a while now. crucially, on dollar sign produced by sticky, also on (not this) remix of that lisa maffia tune, also live, also with sway (UK sway – don’t get confused), also top 10 with groove armada (but you still nah see me), also:

in a UK funky / funky bashment style on hard house banton’s sirens riddim:

stush – we nah run (sirens riddim)

this tune sounds like (being in/driving/not driving/standing outside) cars.

stush copy




Mos Def – Revelations

“Revelations,” a mellow and extraordinary post-Obama, ridiculously pro-black, one-verse track with shots directed at the CIA, the US Federal Reserve/bankers/money-grubbers, doubters and none-believers, the recession, race, violence, etc. New York has been very hot and sticky lately, and Mos Def‘s latest album The Ecstatic has been in heavy rotation, especially the tracks with themes that are seemingly nonsensical/irrational/unhelpful for the times we are in. Just yesterday, we played two cuts from it on WFMU’s Mudd Up! with DJ Rupture. While we’re talking Mudd Up! radio, here are two more joints Rupture played (on his first and in all likelihood last cumbia-free show)  – another Mos track titled “Wahid”, and a song by “the most unusual star on the planet” (at least, that’s what he, himself claims.) Please check out Dan Hancox 10 Essential Wiley tunes on Fact Magazine, timely reminder of why the tireless genius can’t be stopped.


Mos Def – Wahid


Wiley – Eyes of the Lord


Grime fans appreciate good drama, but things have been incredibly dull lately. Watching the f@*kery between Jammer and Lethal B the last few weeks has been somewhat painful and entertaining at the same time. Their dispute, reignited recently, apparently goes back to around the time when Bizzle’s “Pow” came out. They’ve have been going back and forth, trading insults, making threats, doing a bunch of unsurprising ish MCs do these days via Grime Daily/youtube. Take a look at Jammer here, drunk and shirtless telling everybody to suck their mum –

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADCQ5FfAPgM[/youtube]




This is a tight and wicked 45 minute set you can relax and vibe along to – somewhat contradictory? The Heatwave serving as a soundtrack to your cooling out? Nah, this mix containing tunes from Laden, Mavado, Busy Signal, Tifa, Beres Hammond, Richie Spice, Mr Vegas and Buju Banton is perfect right now.  The Gappy Ranks tunes are great too.


Who said man can’t spit? Definitely not anyone in their right mind, because if there’s one thing that can be said about Eskiboy is that he got spits (endless, delightful bars, word to Rapper Big Pooh.) Don’t let “Wearing My Rolex” fool you. He’s disgustingly great, a deranged MC, and unquestionably the king of Grime. He’s made the wise decision to return to making pure grime music again, though he’s unapologetic about the whole “commercial grime” racket, and still dabbles in it. If you have any doubt about, preview the following tracks off the new album Race Against Time, which is probably the most solid album in the UK right now*. Beware of the Skream-produced track “The Olly”, least favorite cut.

Wiley – Off The Radar

Wiley – Out Of The Game

* – I still have to listen to Skepta’s Microphone Champion, Frisco’s tape, Bashy’s album (should I even bother?), Killa P, and a bunch of others I’m not even aware of yet.  I have already listened to Donaeo’s Party Hard LP, which is decent if you are able to tolerate cheesy inflection of R&B, Disco, Funky singing, and the fact that Donaeo is obsessed with the sound of his own name, not to mention the scat singing.