Welcome to our new series – No Rest For The Wicked – here, we will post new and old exciting grime-related goodies (music, youtubery, et cetera) mostly on Sundays and Fridays.  First of all, let’s get something clear – grime is not dead. It is in a far more resilient position than most of us might think.  Some of us stopped paying attention in 2006/7, our attention shifted elsewhere, and leading grime artists contributed to the demotivation and undermining of an otherwise hungry and enthusiastic audience (fans and critics.)  Well, the audience became detached and drifted elsewhere. Some taking the funky train, some narrowing or broadening their listening/soundscapes, concentrating on other music.  We stopped listening listening, but the music keeps on… last year we had excellent/nearly classic albums from Durtty Goodz, Kano, some classic tapes from Jammer and Trim.

More recently, there’s a new generation of grime MC’s coming up – young and hungry fire spittas flooding the virtual grime market with freestyle videos, mixtapes, and one-off tracks you’ll find in forums and on mixshows.  Along with the new batch of MC’s are some recently created and re-structured sites to document the creativity and passion of the younger generation/the new jacks, some of whom seem to be refreshingly unconcerned with making bland, repetitive funky, club music, and songs with dances, and they seemed to be embracing that raw energy and that interesting space once occupied by the pioneers and luminaries, some of whom are now admittedly/increasingly/mostly making “commercial grime.” On these sites, along with new, up and coming MC’s, contents from the more established artists are also abundant.

Tim Westwood has been an ardent supporter of fresh talents, and of grime in general, and showcasing new music on his two shows on Radio 1 and 1Xtra – check his YouTube channel for loads of exclusive freestyles and performances. The young producer Bless Beats is the midst of all this, and he’s not crumbling at all under the pressure. He mostly makes beats for established “commerical grime” artists (radio-friendly grime artists who are hitting the charts with funky/danceable grime tunes) but also maintains links to fresh, young artists looking to create raw, innovative grime.  He gets shouts and respect from most of the young’ns not just because of his success, but more so because of his age. The situation is quite interesting, the position Bless holds at the moment…  the pressure to create more chart topping numbers and embrace success creating R&B/pop songs, or start making beats for artist who might never make it pass Rinse.fm, Westwood, or their street and internet albums/fame.  He’s very good at what he does, so he just might keep working that line for years to come, as you can hear on the following track, which will appear on his up coming album –

Bless Beats – Let It Out feat. Donaeo, Wretch 32, and Double S

Some new video freestyles from young, upcoming grime artists –

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igQubgSFnew[/youtube]Voltage

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDHhkJqh8j8[/youtube]Macksta and Axe



Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)

I was over at Andy‘s house for much of the weekend (he’s about seven minutes away from where I live, and he makes the illest fried plantains! overly ripe plantains fried with little oil, smashed, then re-fried again with very little oil, then lightly salted… it is of course a traditional recipe in many parts of the world, but Andy is untouchable right now.) Anyway, this is one of the tracks he pointed me to, and after it was found, we put it on repeat for a while. Ill Blu offers more heat  for the Summer, in the form of R&B remixes.

I am surrounded by incredible deejays who are crazy music fanatics as well, constantly discovering, and always on the move.  I am developing my own thing, but I get wonderful music thrown at me from several directions. Geko Jones (aka Mr Miyagi, Wobble Monster, California get ready) blessed me w/ some extremely dope and super exclusives last week, Rupture also gave me an insane dubstep banger last week… please listen to Mudd Up! If it sounds like we’re not focus, it is because we have so much to share.

Ms. Dynamite – Bad Gyal (Radio Rip)

Ms. Dynamite dropped this banger back in December, (props to The Heatwave) and there was a lot of excitement and hype around the explosive cut. Dynamite is repping her yard roots hard on this one.  We still can’t seem to find a proper version, not even a CDQ version?  All the versions floating around contain some kind of BBC Radio1 tag from DJ Semtex, Trevor Nelson, etc.  I think I first heard about the track from Gex, then Andy… Anyway, if anyone out there is holding a quality version, pls share!


If you missed the insanity that was Demolition- Rob from Pollinate was dropping a sick Tribal Guarachero set to a very receptive crowd-  you’ve got another chance to act like you know!



our LDN bredren Gabriel Heatwave brings it with a deep post on Jamaican Bashment & UK Funky.

Now it seems that rather than just absorbing and adapting Caribbean influences, the sound of UK funky is crossing the Atlantic and starting to cause waves in Jamaica.

Almost every time I’ve tuned into to London bashment station Mystic FM recently, I hear funky house played by Jamaican radio hosts who are clearly loving it, sometimes rhyming in patois over instrumentals.

nuff mp3s + youtubery fleshes it out, including Aidonia (autotuned) flowing over Crazy Cousinz. EXCITING DEVELOPMENTZ.

pic by tatyana-k

Well, I suggest you subscribe and check out the previous podcast, before we jump into this one.
All set? Alright, here it is-Recession Rap Podcast, a compilation of rap songs addressing the worldwide economic recession/depression, or more generally the everyday struggle and pain of financial pressure, the bread-n-butter hustle (or should that be food-n-gas?) that it comes it. Except for songs like Lil Wayne’s “Real Rap” which clearly is more about the post-Katrina nightmare that is now New Orleans and David Banner’s “Faith” which is about keeping faith and not collapsing or folding under pressure, nearly all of the raps here are directed at the economic suffering that is going on right now.

With that said, I’d also like to add that I did not necessarily/intentionally/exclusively look for a collection of rap voices of  depression or voices of the global gloom. In fact, some of the rap jams I have been posting here for the last few weeks are (on the contrary) very funny, and compassionate as well.  There’s a lot of struggle and darkness in the economic depression and it’s reflected in the music, but that’s not all it’s about.  For example, listen to Cam’ron’s “I Hate My Job”a song which is partly about a “everyday workingwoman,” whose job and workplace is toxic for her well-being ~financially, emotionally, and physically-“Being here 8 hours sure will get you nauseous...” On that same Cam’ron song listen to the chorus –“I put on my pants, put on shoes. / I pray to God, paid all my dues. / I’m trying to win, it seems like I was born to loose / All I can say…” It’s simple and very affecting, the virtue of getting up in the morning, putting your clothes on, one step at a time, and saying your prayer ~something struggling people do every morning, preparing themselves psychologically and spiritually for whatever the day brings, heartbreaks, knockdowns, and whatnot.

All the songs here are in that vein, impressive and amusing. It would have been impossible or just very lengthy if I had decided to cram all RRJs I gathered or posted, but I’m happy with this batch.  Download it, bump it in your car/ on your subway ride to work, play at home/ walk in the park, listen and enjoy.


Jahdan Blakkamoore Intro (Buzzrock Warrior coming soon on Dutty Artz)

Attitude f/ Jackie Chain – Money (off T.I.M. (Time Is Money) Warner Bros. Records 2009)

Gangsta Pill – Back Outside (off 4180: The Prescription mixtape, Grind Time 2009)

Cam’ron – I Hate My Job (from Crime Pays, Diplomat Records 2009)

Jadakiss f/ Barrington Levy – Hard Times (from The Last Kiss, Roc-A-Fella Records 2009)

G-Side f/ Shyft – Hit Da Block (from Starshipz & Rocketz, Slowmotion Soundz 2008)

Diata Sya – Saria (from Move It Chaleh! Akwaaba Music 2009)

Joell Ortiz – Bout My Money (off Free Agent, ???, 2009)

Kano – Paper (from 140 Grime Street, Bigger Picture Music 2008)

Rhymefest – Exodus 5.1(off El Che, J Records 2009)

Amanda Diva – Rebels (from Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul, DivaWorks Inc. 2009)

Young Jeezy – Circulate (off The Recession, Def Jam Records 2008)

Lil Wayne – Real Rap (off ???,??? 2009 )

David Banner – Faith (from The Greatest Story Ever Told, Universal Records 2009)

Willie Isz – In The Red (from Georgiavania, Lex Records 2009)

Good Enough!!


Gabriel from Heatwave sent this over.  It is, as they say ‘a portable party for your mp3 player’.  You might black out and find yourself daggering the coatrack in your office, so be careful.  Hardcore dutty dancehall, don’t play this for your kids.  A nice fast mix with a lot of the new crazy riddims, mashups etc. coming out.



Gabriel Heatwave – Rowdy Bashment Mix

Willie Isz – The Grussle

Here’s some amazing heat from Willie Isz. Please don’t sleep on them, open your ears and expect greatness.  Goodie Mob was briefly reunited last year (at a Nelly concert–you can skip the part where Nelly shows off his kicks and performs a song dedicated to sneakers and grills, you’ll find the Goodie reunion at the last minute I think) so there’s still chance, but if that fails and falls apart, we still got Willie. Matt, this one’s for you too. “Grussle” is from the upcoming album Georgiavania and it drops April 21.  I have high hopes, plus two more recession jams at the bottom, London to Brooklyn– grime-hop.

courtesy of cocaine blunts


Kano – Paper


Duo Live f/ Billionz & Pop Off – Work Ethic

props to Xclusives Zone


Recession Rap Jams, choppin’ thru the trap like a lumberjack in timbs

heavy stones still skim. uk hip hop 1998-present. occasionally condensed / unobtrusively mixed. non-exhaustive. mostly from SE LDN. hold tight Penge.

a brief uk hiphop mix 31 mins

Blak Twang – 19 Long Time (blue print)
MC D – Priceless (produced by Deckwrecka) (ronin)
Skeme & Seanie T – Survival (produced by Keith Lawrence) (beat oven)
New Flesh – 186000 Miles (Skitz Remix) (big dada)
Extremists – No Tears (produced by Skitz) (titan sounds)
Genesis Elijah feat. Klashnekoff – Jah Bless (produced by Non Slick) (dominant 3rd/country boy)
Seanie T – Muzik Ed Special (produced by Keith Lawrence) (muzik ed)
Roots Manuva f/ Fallacy, Rodney P, Blackitude, Big P & Skeme – Witness the Swords (produced by Lord Gosh) (big dada)


sketchy victorian dinosaurs, crystal palace park