Dutty Artz Keeps Changing the Mood Lineup: MPEACH

MPEACH_by_Suzi Sadler & mpeach_72dpiSM

We’re gearing up for our first party in NYC in a minute! Over the next few days we’ll be announcing who’s taking the stage for Dutty Artz Keeps Changing the Mood at the Knitting Factory this Wednesday, April 29th.

First up is MPEACH, a.k.a. Mariana Martín Capriles, is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Her  music is strongly influenced by a combination of Changa Tuki (Venezuela’s native ghetto-dance music), Afro-Caribbean beats and melodies rooted in traditional Venezuelan folk culture. She draws from a wide variety of musical inspirations, including “dembow, soukous, heavy bass, spanish reggae, hip hop, 4×4, grime, dancehall and kuduro,” making for a dynamic sound that stands all on its own.

Most recently, Mpeach is prepping her LP with the release of lead single “Malania.” In a chill-trap style, the track has touches of dembow and Miami Bass, and is reminiscent of the sound of LA’s contemporary beat if it were transported to the Caribbean. The song was composed in collaboration between Mpeach and Venezuelan artist Sunsplash, produced by Dutty Artz’ Chief Boima, and mixed and mastered by Venezuelan super-producer Cardopusher:

Mpeach intersects music and visual art, where each side exists symbiotically as a compliment to the other as she present a fully audiovisual show. Her work is profoundly impacted by her individual cultural roots while reconstructed to reflect her global Internet-Age upbringing.

Check out some more from her discography here: