Maga Bo is set to make a special DJ set appearance while visiting from Rio de Janeiro at Dutty Artz Keeps Changing the Mood this Wednesday in Brooklyn!

Spanning the breadth of international urban bass music, Maga Bo’s work makes connections between the organic and the electronic, the traditional and the avant-garde and the local with the global. In his live performances, original productions and remixes from his far reaching creative collaborations take new forms mixed live, often with the participation of MCs and live musicians.

Direct, in-person, on-location collaboration with other artists has been paramount in his work, having participated in artistic residencies in Morocco, India, Ethiopia, Senegal, Zanzibar, South Africa to name a few. There are no canned samples here–all instruments and vocals come straight from the source. His current work is decidedly Afro-Brazilian oriented and includes collaborations with some of Brazil’s brightest talents–from BNegão and Marcelo Yuka to Grupo Bongar and Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde.

Also a founder of Kafundó Records with Wolfram Lange, the outfit recently returned with the second volume of their compilation series, highlighting the latest in contemporary Brazilian electronic music, refracted through the lens of an alternative Brazilian social reality. Borrowing from local roots culture and (re)mixing it with international digital pan-Africanism, Kafundó music is #AfroBrazilianFuturism at its finest: