Duttycast 002: Matt Shadetek Remixes The Empire Never Ended Live!

It was a great full weekend of Dutty Artz performances and events. We started out partying hard at Glasslands for Matt Shadetek’s album release party, and ended up Sunday night all winding down over cheap drinks and stretching out our musical legs at Bushwick’s Bossa Nova Civic Club.

But now it’s Monday and time to get back to business. Tuesday marks the release of Matt’s new album, and on Wednesday he will be Duttycasting a live performance from the Shindig platform.

That means, you can meet and video chat with Matt Shadetek this Wednesday at 7PM EST, where he will be remixing THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED Live!!! RSVP here.

We also live Tweet while the event is happening with the hashtag #Duttycast.