A week before Rio Parada Funk, the largest baile funk ever, Brazil’s Institute for Historical Patrimony and National Art (IPHAN) informed the press that they were going to veto its location in the historical epicenter of Rio de Janeiro. They claimed they were worried about the effects of the bass on the windows of century old buildings like the Municipal Theatre and the National Library. A few days earlier the event’s organizers had agreed to IPHAN’s volume limits. But this agreement didn’t satisfy IPHAN. And they required the Parada to move to a different, less elegant, more blue collar street also in Centro.

Yet the most popular street Carnival bloco, Cordão da Bola Preta, which last year had about 2 million participants, has marched without sound limitation for years along the same route.

By transforming the prestigious center of Rio into a ten sound system deep celebration, organizers of the Parada Funk would make a claim of the centrality of funk carioca and assert their rights to the city. In recent years violent police take-overs (called “pacification”) of favelas have resulted in the shutting down of many community bailes. The Parada’s taking over Rio Branco Avenue, the former route of the Carnival samba school parade, would have enacted and symbolically placed funk in the same trajectory as samba, from criminalized, poor Afro-Brazilian music to national rhythm.

Yet organizers like Mateus, who produces Eu Amo Baile Funk, urged MCs and DJs not to talk to the press about prejudice against funk but to emphasize it as a celebration. An MC responded, “Funk is equal to samba. We’re here to show that funk is culture.” The Parada, which is the first major funk event to receive funding from the state–the Secretary of Culture–would have been unimaginable a few years ago.


Dado DJ on MPC, then DJ Grazy and DJ Leo tag-team to make up for the one working CDJ

A few days before the event, the location was moved once again–this time by the city–to a huge plaza closer to Rio Branco. Workshops and lectures ran from 10 am to noon, followed by performances by 50 DJs, 40 MCs and various dancers. When I arrived a little after 12pm, speakers were still being stacked by young men who hadn’t slept since disassembling the systems for Saturday night’s parties.

Ten sound systems with walls of between forty and one hundred stacked speakers–and one made of car sound systems– rumbled through funk’s for over eight hours. The afternoon started with freestyle, electro, and Miami Bass, moved to montages (montagems) mixing funk’s North American roots with Brazilian rapping, Candomblé drum rhythms, and sampled phrases from “Bang Bang” (Brazilian Westerns) movies, and ended with stripped down, beatboxed funk of contemporary “PC generation” of DJs, who create songs with “pirated” FL Studio, Sound Forge and Acid from loops exchanged over MSN.

At Cash Box and Big Mix–with each about 100 speakers–I could not stand near my friends DJ’ing. I am used to the bass which vibrates through my skin, chest, ribs. But the good quality of their speakers brought out a fuller range. I felt like my ears might bleed. My friend, Greg, claimed he saw windows wobble.

Over time, the crowd began to swell–different newspapers reported between 14,000 to 100,000–filling the plaza and nearby street. The mass of funkeiros,dancing, listening, remembering and reenacting, affirmed the power of this changing rhythm and asserted its legitimacy within the city.

Montagem do Tango (circa 1998)


DJ Mandrake-Aquecimento Global (2011)

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/Montagem-Aquecimento Global (DJ Mandrake).mp3]

Commandeering the kitchen at Subsuelo/Gnawledge HQ in LA (thanks G-Notes!) ( foto x Farah Sosa)

8 tomatoes

1 Roasted Red Bell Pepper

1 Roasted Green Bell Pepper

15 Kalamato Olives

1 Tsp Italian Herb Tomato Paste

3-4 Sprigs Thyme

3 Garlic Cloves

2 Olive Oil Drizzles

6 Tilapia



I invited some friends to eat in exchange for a bread-breaking data swap. I’m definitely not on a culinary level with my dude DJ Rajah over at SoulCocina but this is really what meetings should be like. Exchanging in currencies that don’t depend as directly on the dollar really has an intrinsic value in making people connect. It leads to better less guarded conversation and reminds us that if we work together, there’s always more to eat on the table. Here’s my TOP 5  Things I won in the West Coast Data Swap

First up, G-Notes, the guitarist and beatsmith behind the hybrid flamenco act Granada Doaba and all around Gnawledge famalam hit me with a few remixes and edits

a sick Mex with Guns – Dame lo [Gnotes Rmx]  hyper dembow bizness

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/Dame Lo Gnotes Remix.mp3]

and this touch up of Gotye’s anti-love jam caught me off guard…

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/Somebody That I Used To Know Gnotes Remix.mp3]

Now my homie, Santero in the Bay Area has been holding me down for a few years now. I was happy to crash at his this time around and spend some time getting to know what he’s been up to.  I learned he has been working with our homie Boogat up in Montreal.. Notice how the cover art is Boogat with the fam all around at a BBQ or somn… home cooking how we do !

(Incidentally, since that convo I’ve been rocking Dos Cervesas (prod by Poirier) off the PURA VIDA EP like its my job)

Santero also just put out a brand new mixtape a couple days ago for Los Rakas’ homegirl FAVI called Flor de Azahar (orange blossom – really the best smelling flower in the world for my money)


Santero also put me on to this Goapelle/Los Rakas Remix I had admittedly been sleeping on. It was featured on Fader and Rcrd Lbl months ago. Be sure to check them out on November 19th with me and Dre Skull at SOBs

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/PLAY (Los Rakas Remix).mp3]




I started teaching at Dubspot in August, thanks to Matt Shadetek. Before I began teaching I was a teacher assistant for DJ Kiva for about a month, and it was during this period that Kiva gave our class a sneak peek of his project 1000 Sunrises, which he finally put out last week.  It always awesome to hear a project during its earlier stages, and then hearing it completed.  Definitely worth checking out.

DJ Kiva will be dropping this freshness November 10th at Le Poisson Roug with Africa Hitech, and he will be rocking Webster Hall with Matt Shadetek November 12th.

The following material was pulled from the Dubspot blog, which Lamin wrote:

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist producer and musician DJ KIVA returns with a superb new solo album 1000 Sunrises out October 18 on his  Adios Babylon imprint via Destroy All Concepts.

Navigating beauty and pain with deep, mesmeric, off-centered beats, soulful, dub-wise electronic impressions, twirling synthlines, and reinforced sub-bass, 1000 Sunrises is a perfectly balanced album. The six tracks presented here are meticulously and lovingly put together, and they move with an unhurried, reassuring pace. From the opening “Feel It,” with its extra-bouncy thump and unrelenting, catchy synthline to the meditative “Tayyib,” which maintains a solemn and contemplative mood with eerie voices but holds a propulsive groove, and the staggeringly beautiful, mind-expanding title track “1000 Sunrises,” DJ Kiva remains remarkably self-reliant and uncompromising in aesthetic throughout the entire album. Album closer “City Of The Dawn” is the uplifting, post-future, and soulful electronic music you can only get from an experienced and self-assured electronic music producer, whose style and range go far beyond arbitrary and trendy sub-genres. Electronics, melody, dub, and soul come together – same as it never was.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc4K_CdiG40[/youtube]

AND PART TWO HAS ARRIVED Russian goes in on some Afrojack sounding pressure. I listen to this every day.
Kartel Freaky Gal pt2[audio:https://duttyartz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Vybz-Kartel-Freaky-Gal-Part-2.mp3|titles=Vybz Kartel – Freaky Gal (Part 2)]

SHE ONLY DANCE – blk.adonis + rizzla by rizzla_dj

From the insanely good free collabo EP from Blk.Adonis and Rizzla DOWNLOAD IT
“This is for the boys who bruk out when the dj drops Chi Chi Man. WE SEE U”

don’t be fooled by the latest BS from “washington” – it’s wild, musical, rebellious times in DC! after an amazing weekend with the phenomenal RIPLEY (who i connected with via the great 2011 facebook-moombahton-boobie debate), including a great party, another incredible dj geekout, and the future of music coalition policy summit, the fun continues tonight as MARACUYEAH! hosts PERNETT, live and direct from colombia! made possible by collab with DA fam!

pernett parranda extravaganza flyer

the future holds even more. saturday is BACKDOOR once again, when the ANTHOLOGY OF BOOTY hoists our flag of revolutionary raunch and compels the people to scrub da ground. we’re fortunate enough to have a lost daughter return this weekend with KIRAN GANDHI bringing live percussionism into the mix.

next thursday myself and MOTHERSHIESTER try something new with an anti-colonial journey via music, dancing, and libations – AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY (not to be confused with the rad blog of a similar name) is our latest effort to deconstruct the elision of cairo, accra, dar es salaam, and durban.

and stay tuned for more excitement as other plans continue to evolve.

DC > washington.

I’m not sure if they’re referring to the son of Tarzan,  town in Nepal, or the language from Papua New Guinea, but we’re proud to announce DA013 the Korak EP from Contakt & Mayster. The duo are behind TURRBOTAX®, Brooklyn’s own XLR8R sponsored “un-pretentious yet forward thinking and adventurous” club night at The Cove, now turning two years old.

On “Korak” tropical percussion, 808 cowbells and an assortment of clicks and pops whir and collide around a throbbing, syncopated bass line. DA’s own Matt Shadetek provides a NYC 3Ball rework with nuff bass to rattle windows and rib cages. The b-side “Opar” is a study in tension and release with a more classic 4×4 house beat while Contakt & Mayster create a soundscape with reversed cymbals and filtered percussion. Doc Daneeka comes through with a UK Funky remix.

Out Soon!!!!


Tomorrow, I’m kicking off my Sunday morning radio show on WFMU! All summer long, 9am to noon – I’ll be playing music, noise, and whatnots on WFMU 91.1 and 90.1 MHz FM. For the past couple of years, I provided extra oils to keep Rupture’s Mudd Up! wheels greased proper, all the while filling in, co-operating, and board-opping for everyone from Rob Weisberg to Glen Jones, and now I got a three-hour spot on the longest running freeform, independent community radio station in the United States! The show doesn’t have a name, and for now we’re just calling it Lamin. If you have a good name suggestion, let’s hear it! As for a description, let’s just say we’re staying true to WFMU’s commitment to unstructured-format broadcasting. Go here to stream my last Sunday morning broadcast.


10PM – 4AM
CAFE NUNEZ – 240 W. 35th St. (Between 7 & 8th Ave.) NEW YORK, NY
Cover $10
Special $5 well drink till 12
Complimentary cocktails for 1st 20 ladies…
couPe decAle zouK house hipHop r&B danceHall Raï kwaiTo zouGlou kaPouka genGe maRRabenta kiZomba KuDuro pandZa soUKous nDombolo hipLife mBalaX salSa… cot damn! whatevEr uLTra afriKaNess pluS pluS!

& bug out to this!

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n66-Uhf0nT4[/youtube]

Maga Bo – “Gondar feat. Eritbu ‘Solomon’ Agegnehu and Entenesh Wassié”

Here’s a video from Dutty Artz family and habitual transnational/borderless bass collaborationist Maga Bo. Filmed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the beautifully shot video for the track “Gondar” which from Maga Bo’s most recent release Ransom EP out now on Senseless Records. Not only providing a glimpse into Bo’s recording process and collaboration with the two Ethiopian musicians – masinqo player Eritbu “Solomon” Agegnehu and singer Entenesh Wassié, we are treated with some wonderful Addis ambiance, plus some beautiful girls dancing to the traditional Azmari song, which Bo laced up/reinforced with some dancehall-like riddim! Stream to the entire Ransom EP on Bandcamp – with remixes from Filastine, Timeblind, Teleseen, Pacheko, and Fletcher.

It also goes without saying that Bo is repping Dutty Artz extra hard in this one! We’ve some some incredible gear coming your way soon too.

Shackleton – Deadman King Midas Sound Death Dub

Kevin Martin / King Midas Sound twists one of Sam Shackleton’s extremely warm cuts, we first heard this on Fabric 55. Here, Kevin Martin removed Shackleton’s congas and made some very wise decisions, including adding KMS’s Kiki Hitomi’s gorgeous voice (which has a phantasmal presence here!), and also focusing/thickening Shackleton’s orange and brown tones. The result is remarkable.  I’ve listened to this one countless times, but today at dusk, walking home – I walked past an older woman who flashed me a gold-tooth smile, and this never sounded more beautiful!

[youtube width=”525″ height=”393″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aWN6NYbOzg[/youtube]

Heavy one from Dutty compadre Timeblind!

your cel phone and portable electronics probably have minerals mined in the Congo and illegally trafficked. watch the other related videos if you are unaware of this.

please support legislation to keep mining transparent and stop thugs in the congo from profiting from the misery of their fellow countrymen. DRC should be known for its amazing musicians, not for more misery like this.

The Third Eye Foundation – “Standard Deviation” from The Dark (Ici, d’ailleurs, 2010)

I spent my Saturday in doors working on nothing but noizes and beatzes, stopping to watch Al Jazeera‘s coverage of a suddenly chaotic #Egypt – Egyptians demanding for their pharaoh to resign. In the evening, I walked down a couple blocks to a Senegalese-owned halal restaurant called “African-American Cuisine.” On my way back, iPod decided I should stop listening to 8Ball & MJG and pay attention to The Dark, The Third Eye Foundation’s 2010 album. For the most part, I’ve payed attention to Matt Elliot’s output under his birth name, at least since 2003’s The Mess We Made, but not his earlier releases as 3EF. While based on track titles alone “If You Treat Us All Like Terrorists We Will Become Terrorists” sounds apt for the times, “Standard Deviation” is immense, absorbing, murky and warm with low, low rumbles and creeping, ascending voices. If you enjoy this track, the album is a nice cohesive mix-up you should definitely check out.

So this Thursday, January 27th, Chief Boima and yours truly, along some good friends from Garbon, Ivory Coast, and  Madgascar will kick off a new party in the southeastern part of Manhattan Island (a neighborhood commonly referred to as the Lower East Side of Manhattan borough) at Gallery Bar (art gallery by day, and lounge/party space when its dark.) We’ll be joined by very special guest, founder of Akwaaba Music and DJ, BBrave. Facebook RSVP.

Going Africa and Beyond. Though I won’t be popping champagne like my Ghanaian brothers Ruff-N-Smooth (they have all the money and the honeys!) I will be playing their music.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”393″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etFHI594-rE&feature=player_embedded#![/youtube]

Hey the internet, I know it’s been a while since we talked but I just wanted to let you know I still have feelings for you.  I’ve been ducked down with my head stuck into creating this new online Logic Pro course for Dubspot which is kind of an epic project so I’ve been slacking on my blog game.  I’ll be back soon, promise.  In the meantime instead of reading my internet words you can come and see me in real life at a variety of spots in NYC.  First is this Friday January 14th at Twisup at Deity in Brooklyn.  Twisup is Dave Q. of Dub War’s new party.  Apparently we’re playing New Bass now, not Dubstep.  I’m pretty comfortable with that designation.  It’s in downtown BK and in keeping with Dub War tradition I think it’s safe to expect some serious womp for your ear holes.

twisup flier with matt shadetek and distal

Next Tuesday the 18th I’ll be talking along with Ricardo Moncado from Halcyon at Netmix a new meetup started by Corey H Maass aka Secret Agent Gel.  I’ve known Corey for a LONG time here in NYC and recently reconnected with him in talking about some of the topics that I’ve been writing about lately.  He asked me to come and talk about it and I’m happy to do so.  It’s billed as ‘creative process in today’s music industry’ I think my talk will be more creative and less industry but who knows?  All the info is here.

Immediately afterward I will be hightailing it over to DJ at DJ Still Life’s one year anniversary for his Worldwide Smash radio show on East Village Radio (which I have appeared on).   The lineup is myself, Still Life, Jubilee, Shigeto, and JoJo Mayer.  I just looked in my email and somehow don’t have the venue info but you will be the FIRST to know (after me).

EDIT: Here’s the info it’s at Tammany Hall, (Formerly The Annex) which is at 152 Orchard St New York, NY 10013.

The following weekend on January 22nd I’ll be at Kingdom and Dre Skull’s Club Infinity party.  These two are some of my favorite producers in NYC covering a lot of the styles I’m into ranging from dancehall to housey stuff and so I’m very excited to play this.  I know that Tim Dolla is also playing and that Kingdom and Dre will play too,but little else.  I’ll add the flier here as soon as I get it.

Lastly, the following week I’ll be playing with Dub Gabriel, Noble Society w/ Jahdan Blakkamoore and Subatomic Sound System at Littlefield on Saturday Jan. 29th.  I think I’ll be playing a bit more dancehall and dubwise for that.  But who knows!?  Anything could happen!

And of course, perhaps most excitingly the REVENGE OF THE SLOTH!  We’re restarting New York Tropical at The Cove on Friday, February 11th.  I’m very excited about this one, it’ll be the first time the family will play together in NYC in a good while.  For all of you who have asked me about when we’re going to do another New York Tropical, here is your answer.  More crazily the party is FREEEEEEE.

New York Tropical: Revenge of the Sloth 2011 DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, Chief Boima