The days between Xmas and New Year’s are good days, always.  Here in Alexandria, VA, I went to a naming ceremony (Sierra Leonean/Islamic style, culture and religion) for one of my uncle’s children, a beautiful baby girl named Fatima, which is the name of her great grandmother.

Sierra Leoneans are party people (okay, maybe not as much as Jamaicans, but nevertheless Salone people party hard too) so after all the formalities with the imam, the old men and women, the soundsystem was turned on, & the disc in the system Best Of Africa, Vol. 1 – a fantastic party compilation, containing a series of mini-mixes plus a few original songs by one Sierra Leonean artist, whose name is shouted, reverberated, and unclear.  The CD booklet and case are nowhere to be found, but from what I can make out (and I might be completely wrong here), the DJ is Ousmane Sayyid and the singer is Succulent The Bug.  Here’s the opening mix, with the first/title track performed by Succulent.

Tumba Mix

And in fact, my love for you is like a water with many fishes…

The comp is buyable here.

Look below for  Sierra Leone autotune tumba worship music (via youtube)




  1. Oh Man! My Cousin’s were playing Go Down Titi at a party years ago, and I was trying to get this track Tenkee Lamin! Gotta send some stuff your way soon.

    You sabi shake am!

  2. I second Rupture’s motion.

    More more more more!

    This stuff is wicked.

    I guess Tumba means butt?

    Production on the second video is especially dope.

  3. What’s the track at 9:27 in the mix? I think Boima had it on his tape too. That is my JAM!

  4. Yeah! “Premier Gaou” is also on Geko’s NY Tropical mix. It gets around, never gets tired!

    Magic System performed at the Apollo a few months back! I saw an outdated poster for the event in Bed-Stuy a few weeks ago. Completely missed out!

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