Alex BokBok has a new short mix up to promote his Night Slugs night coming up Friday in LDN. The first tune is just listed as ‘intro’ which makes me think it’s by him. It’s sick. He mixes into Donaeo’s ‘Party Hard’ which I’m feeling, especially his little “eh!”s in the beginning. Someone has been listening to The Dream. Me too Donaeo, me too. This is a cool little quick intro into the UK Funky House sound since Alex isn’t playing a lot of the really horribly cheesy stuff that gets played in this genre too. I really like the vibe of a lot of Funky but sometimes it just swerves off into horrible cocktail house and it’s suddenly just all too much and I have to stop.

“This Friday, 30 January, Night Slugs returns for a one-off at Egg in King’s Cross where they will be playing host to DJsets from Kode9, Mak 10, Dubplate Malice and Dress 2 Sweat’s Jackmaster. “

Download: Bok Bok mini mix

1. Intro
2. L-VIS 1990 – United Groove
3. DONAEO – Party Hard
4. AFEFE IKU – Mirror Dance (YORUBA SOUL mix)
5. KODE9 vs LD – 2 Bad
6. FOOTLOOSE – Just Leave (FINGAPRINT remix)
7. GHOSTMAN – 25th Hour
8. FANTASY U.F.O. – Fantasy (BOK BOK edit)
9. CURSES! – Moss Man
10. DEXPLICIT – Judas
11. ROD LEE – Let Me See What U Workin With (RUSTIE remix)
12. THE BODY SNATCHERS ft. GOLDMOUF – I Like What I See (JOKER remix)
13. BOK BOK – No Need To Front 2009

The days between Xmas and New Year’s are good days, always.  Here in Alexandria, VA, I went to a naming ceremony (Sierra Leonean/Islamic style, culture and religion) for one of my uncle’s children, a beautiful baby girl named Fatima, which is the name of her great grandmother.

Sierra Leoneans are party people (okay, maybe not as much as Jamaicans, but nevertheless Salone people party hard too) so after all the formalities with the imam, the old men and women, the soundsystem was turned on, & the disc in the system Best Of Africa, Vol. 1 – a fantastic party compilation, containing a series of mini-mixes plus a few original songs by one Sierra Leonean artist, whose name is shouted, reverberated, and unclear.  The CD booklet and case are nowhere to be found, but from what I can make out (and I might be completely wrong here), the DJ is Ousmane Sayyid and the singer is Succulent The Bug.  Here’s the opening mix, with the first/title track performed by Succulent.

Tumba Mix

And in fact, my love for you is like a water with many fishes…

The comp is buyable here.

Look below for  Sierra Leone autotune tumba worship music (via youtube)



Chris Sattinger, aka Timeblind has made his mix I posted about recently, which is now titled “Flora Mix”, downloadable here. The title makes me think it’s intended as a compliment to his previous Fauna Mix.

He’s also re-designed his home on the web, From our conversations when he was recently in New York I am hoping we can expect a whole raft of new tunes from him soon. Lord knows he has them. Let’s hope his insanely high standards can allow a few to escape from his Berlin studio.

His Ghostification EP may or may not still be available thanks to the friendly folks at Soot Records.

Friend of Dutty Artz and always fascinating Timeblind has a new dubstep mix up on Samurai FM.

Dubstep, dub reggae, sheets of noise, 4×4 beats and… stuff

As with everything he does, it is deeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I recommend.

Dive in.

(scroll to bottom of that page to stream the mix, no direct link)

GIF at top is from Timeblinds myspace, I have no idea either.

More than flour, more than rice, more even than Gasoline. readers, don’t say I never gave you anything. Not only is this mixtape hot but it is actually THE MOST EXPENSIVE MIXCD EVER. Normally it costs $999.99 but since I like you I’m gonna hook you all up. Wow. Bronx dancing, selecting, trend setting dancehall icon Skerrit Bwoy linked us in early on this mix by him, Jazzy Joyce from Hot97 and Walshy Fire from Black Chiney. Joyce plays hiphop, Skerrit holds down Dancehall and Walshy drops Soca. Check for the two exclusive dubplates on two of my riddims for Skerrit’s Ghetto Life Entertainment sound system of Jahdan’s Go Round Payola and 77Klash’s Mad Again in his section of the mix. If you don’t know about Skerrit Bwoy he’s one of the craziest all around entertainers in NYC hailing out of Bronx. Check for his guest appearance in the Mad Again video coming soon, it is absolutely MAD SICK HEAD NUH GOOD.


New Rupture Mix – tracklist, release date, info!

yes, we’re excited. this was becoming Rupture’s Detox.

Here’s something you can buy now – @ turntable lab, listen/download an excerpt from mudd up! ask about it, when you see him at upcoming shows.

some presents from the bearded man in the colorful sweater.


Lil Wayne – A Milli/Various Production – Pintman (Ghislain Poirier Mash)

I didn’t like the original “A Milli” beat, but I like this one… and according to Mr eel, the beat is from Various Diver 12″.


Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu – Go Ballistic (Toddla T & Duckbeats Remix)




Yes, Dutty Artz is a recording label with actual (and digital) records in stores, tremendously talented musicians, one extremely dedicated operative, and supporters.

Here’s a tune from DUTTY REMIX ZERO which is still fresh in the stores. This remix is great, but you should really hear SHADETEk’s “Can’t Breathe” remix.
Cauto – Bona Vida

Rupture and JahDan are in the middle of their UK trek. If you are in the area, go and see them! Something wonderful happens when these two are together. Check DATV001 for proof.

(pic by Sr Atlantico)

We also got teh mixes –

Geko Jones New York Tropical; live on WFMU is still up + popping.

Taliesin got some dark dark dark for ya… Well, it ain’t so dark, but it is.

First, here’s an all Steve Gurley mix I’ve been listening to quite a lot lately. I am flagrantly ripping this from the dubstepforum, where it was ripped from Uptown Music Forum, where it was posted about a year ago. The mix was done by someone named AverageJoe, an ordinary DJ with a funny Homer Simpson gif as his MySpace default.

Steve Gurley Mix


And now some pictures from last Friday.

The first is of Mr Eliel Lucero skankin’ (to some really good Roots music Matt was playing earlier in the night) in his brand new Dutty Artz tee! Get yours!

And here I am, standing around (yeah, i’m mad bcuz i’m only) in my plain old regular tee— waiting for that lite tropical pink.

And here’s Yellowman, AKA Geko Jones. This man spins and dances behind the decks like a mutha, (but then again, he falls into a state of deep concentration at times.) I’m not sure who’s the better dancer behind the decks, Matt or Gex? I don’t think Rupture dances behind his decks. Maga Bo doesn’t either. Well, I’ve never seen them dance behind their turntables anyway. Have you? If you have, I need photo-or videographic evidence of these two men getting down.

Maga Bo, author of Archipelagoes —a monster I can’t find the words to describe—, here manning the controls at the bottom of a bluest ocean with weird fishes and creatures swimming over his head and around him, while at the same time modeling tee shirts by designer Ghislain Poirier. Oh, Big Poppa Ghis (© Rupture), thanx 4 D Gros Beats. One beer wasn’t enough.

(I don’t have a single picture of Matthew Shadetek for some reason, and the man wasn’t scarce either. I apologize for that.)

And the people, the people, the party people…

Yes, lady on the left can shake it like a salt shaker.

My, my.. dazzling, beautiful brown eyes…

Go ladies.. all you stereotype ladies

Getting hazy and sweaty right about here.


Yep, that sounds like a good enough description. DJ Chief Boima and Sogui So Good’s latest mixtape/release, Baobab Connection Vol. 2 was dropped in my inbox a while ago by Sir Boima himself (and I criminally slept hard on this one!) This is an African Union party mix set in Abidjan by my Sierra Leonean brother who’s based out in the left coast. I’m down by law to give props, yes… I’m a little biased, but really this is a very strong and elegant mix. I know this might sound like a love letter, but seriously, (I almost caught myself dancing on the subway platform the other day) the music is that good!

Chief Boima’s mix starts with our entertaining host, DJ Elembe kicking good vibes over a mellow, unspecified Congolese groove which quickly builds up and gave way to the Magic System hit “Premier Gaou”. By the time we get to Boima’s Coup Decale remixes of Kid Cudi “Day ‘N’ Nite” or D4L “Like Me Baby”, it’s a wrap! Boima continue with his versions and refixes, and Sogui So Good picks up right where Boima left and proceeding to drop straight dance floor pleasing jams that will make the staunchest African two-stepper actually shake his bones, rather than just sway from side to side. Alright, enough talk, check out some cuts from Boima’s set below & peep this Ghetto Bassquake conversation.


Magic System – Premier Gaou

D4L – Like Me Baby (Chief Boima Decale Remix)

Enur feat. Natasja – Calabria 2007 (Chief Boima African Version)

Matt Shadetek sez: Everyone welcome Mode Raw to the DA blog, he’s gonna be popping his head up and dropping some jewels on us, like this one below. Background: Besides doing almost all the graphic design for all the previous Shadetek records, mixtapes, etc, teaching me how to DJ, use photoshop and always, always telling me to my face he didn’t like a tune I’d made when he felt it was necessary D and I have been homies for literally about 20 years. We went to nursery school together! (this is not hyperbole, exaggeration or lying, but instead the literal gospel truth.) He continues to open my ears to the new lava with this crazy hot mixtape, don’t let his understated description fool you: this shit is nuts. For those with fragile psyche’s, be forewarned, this is un-remitting satanic gun-man darkness with Kartel, Aidonia and crew engaged in the never ending struggle to find new and more EVIL ways to sing about fucking and killing (“Rise di rifle like my penis”). Worth downloading in it’s entirety if only for the vicious Munga disses from Aidonia and Deva Bratt. Donia linked individually in the flash player below Deva’s “Pon The Nazzle” in the zip file disses Munga’s heavy use of vocal pitch correction software auto-tune saying “Dem rising to the top but fall so soon/… Cuz stage show no carry no auto-tune”. Mad.

And now, Mode Raw:

Portmore Empire – Gaza Thugs

I found this comp while listening to tunes on Kartel’s myspace. I had never heard of Junior Snypa but he is doing it with this tape, which is more reminiscent of a canal st mixtape or street album than a straight-forward juggling session. Rather than lining up large blocks of big riddims, voiced by everyone in the scene, the selection is built around a handful of vocalists over mostly B-side productions. Kartel, Aidonia, Black Rhino and Deva Brat do the business over a gang of lo-fi, grimey riddims on the slower end of the spectrum, turning out the kind of auto-tune gun ballads that have been raining down on the world from stephen big ship’s lab for the last year or so. Recommended.

Summer in Nueva York is gettin all kindsa caliente. Dutty Artz next dance is at Glasslands in Billyburg….. JUNE 6. If you still cant get your head around what this New York Tropical thing sounds like here’s a link to my set on WFMU’s Nickel and Dime Radio show with Mr Poquito Cambio himself….$mall Change

Radio set tracklist below for the watchers. – gex

Geko Jones live on the air session WFMU 4/29/08

Brooklyn Cumbia – Uproot Andy (unreleased)(BK)
Mateina – Frikstailers vs Lean Like a Cholo – Kilo(gexondex)(Cordoba,Cali,Rajistan)
Brooklyn Anthem-Ghis Poirier rmx -Team Shadetek (BLN, BK, T.O.) (Unreleased)
So Pa dodo- Dj 2Pekes (Angola)
El Ejen- Maki Afri-k (FRANCE??)
Almighty Father- Warrior Queen (UK)
Party in the Park (Marcus Visionary, TORONTO) (unreleased)
Boi de Cara Breta – Stereotyp ft Fefe (VIENNA, BRAZIL)
GRRR-Homeboy Sandman (dubplate) (QBoro-BK)
Grizzly- Bass Nacho (dubplate) (JA,MIA,BK)
Stamp Ya feet – Filewile Baby Chann (SWZ/UK)
Up There- Al Haca Stereotyp Daddy Freddy (Vienna)
Me mobile- Sinden and Jesse (UK)
Kunuaka- Makossa & Megablast (Vienna)
Pon Time- Stereotyp & Jahdan Blakkamoore (Vienna/Brooklyn)
Warlord’s Daughter (Max Ulis)- Lexie Lee (Vancouver/JA)
How I Ride- Baby Cham (JA)
1er Gaou -Magic System (Ivory Coast)
Merengue Mix- DJ Prako (Suriname/Netherlands)
No te Me despues mas- Tatico (Domincan Republic)
Eres Para Mi (Sonido Nacional rmx)- Julieta Venegas (MX/COLOMBIA)
Cumbia de Obama – Fosforo (Cali)
El Trompo- Electro 7 (Cuba)
He got the sound (zuzuku rmx) – Candice Cannabis
Doctors Orders (Fuego Mix)- Gregory Issacs/Funkworthy FM (dublate)
She Told Me -Noble Society- (Brooklyn)
Antillas- El Guincho (Canary Islands)

heavy stones still skim. uk hip hop 1998-present. occasionally condensed / unobtrusively mixed. non-exhaustive. mostly from SE LDN. hold tight Penge.

a brief uk hiphop mix 31 mins

Blak Twang – 19 Long Time (blue print)
MC D – Priceless (produced by Deckwrecka) (ronin)
Skeme & Seanie T – Survival (produced by Keith Lawrence) (beat oven)
New Flesh – 186000 Miles (Skitz Remix) (big dada)
Extremists – No Tears (produced by Skitz) (titan sounds)
Genesis Elijah feat. Klashnekoff – Jah Bless (produced by Non Slick) (dominant 3rd/country boy)
Seanie T – Muzik Ed Special (produced by Keith Lawrence) (muzik ed)
Roots Manuva f/ Fallacy, Rodney P, Blackitude, Big P & Skeme – Witness the Swords (produced by Lord Gosh) (big dada)


sketchy victorian dinosaurs, crystal palace park